EIB NETWORK Partners YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AFRICA (YoHRA) to promote Human Rights in Africa

Excellence In Broadcasting (EIB) Networks, the biggest media network in Ghana now have partnered with the Youth For Human Rights, Africa to promote Human Rights in Ghana and other African Countries.

The said partnership was formalized in a meeting between officials of *YoHRA* and the CEO of EIB, Mr. Anokye Adisi at the offices of EIB in Accra on Monday, 31st, July, 2017.

Briefing the meeting, the President of *YoHRA*, *Francis-Xavier Sosu* explained that *YoHRA* is a Non-governmental Human Rights Organization registered under the laws of Ghana.

He added, the aim of *YoHRA* is to serve as a medium to promote the observance of Fundamental Human Rights of all people in Africa by the use of National, Regional, African and the United Nations Human Rights Instruments.

Francis-Xavier Sosu, a well known Human Rights Activist in Ghana, said, YoHRA was inspired by the works of Dr. Mary Shuttleworth who in the year 2001 founded Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) as a nonprofit organization with the aim to inspire youth to become advocates for tolerance and peace through education on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Executive Secretary of *YoHRA*, Sr. Regina Aflah added that *YoHRA* was first established in New York in August, 2016 by the African representatives present at the 13th Annual Human Rights Summit organized by the Youth For Human Rights International where Francis-Xavier Sosu was made the President and tasked to establish the project in Africa.

On his part, Mr. Anokye Adisi who was very enthused by the project expressed the willingness of EIB to partner YoHRA in promotion of Human Rights in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Addressing the meeting he said “we will put all our media outlets, including our two TV stations, radio and online facilities at the disposal of the project to ensure that its dreams are realized. It is our collective duty to promote Human Rights” he added.

Also at the meeting were Mr. Christopher Selorm Ankou, the Communications Director of *YoHRA* and Mr. Ken Kadrah-Huletey, the Programs Director of *YoHRA* and a Human Rights Ambassador with *YoHRA* who also works for EIB Network as a Presidential and Court Reporter, Mr. Wilberforce Asare.

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