Edward Mahama is a ‘tired man’ – Ayariga claims

Former presidential candidate of the People’s National Convention, Hassan Ayariga, has described his successor, Dr Edward Mahama as a “tired man” and asked the party not to expect something good to come out of his candidature. According to Dr Ayariga, the executives of the PNC have got what they bargained for, and thus asked the PNC leadership who are demanding Dr Mahama’s removal for non performance, to sit him down and motivate him to give off his best for the party. “It is what they bargained for [that] is what they are getting. They should take it like that … They should know [that] he [Dr Mahama] is already a tired man; 72 or 70 [years]. What do you expect from a man of 70 [years]?” he asked.

Dr Ayariga told 3FM’s Mercydarlyn Lokko after a news conference in Accra Thursday that it was ironic that the executives of the PNC are complaining about Dr. Mahama sleeping on his job because when he [Ayariga] was the candidate and complained that the executives were sleeping on their job, no one believed him. “I’m sure the PNC have realized their mistakes over the years because when I said Edward Mahama is not capable of managing the party, they didn’t trust me. Now that they’ve seen change, they now know who is sleeping on the job,” he said.

According to him Dr Ayariga who has now founded the All People’s Party, he has been vindicated that he was indeed a working candidate during his tenure in 2012. “When you don’t change you don’t know who is working. When they voted me and I worked; When I was working they were sleeping on the job. When I was the candidate the executives were sleeping on the job,” he told Mercydarlyn Lokko. He added: “Now that they want to work, the presidential candidate is [also] sleeping on the job” Dr Ayariga denied claims that he is behind the recent seeming crisis within the PNC, noting that he has never talked about his former party on his APC campaign platforms. He said he does not wish the PNC bad saying “wherever I am going, I came from the PNC and I don’t want wish to see the PNC die even though we are all contesting the election.

I wish to see them survive.” He has extended an invitation to those who are ready to join his APC party, claiming “there are many people who have left the PNC and joined the APC so if they are having problems they can come and join us,”. Meanwhile, Dr Ayariga has announced the APC will launch its campaign and 2016 manifesto in the second week of September in the Ashanti Region By Stephen Kwabena Effah||Ghana Twitter @steviekgh_TV3

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