ECG Accused Of Setting Death Traps

Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has been accused of setting death traps in Volivo-Duffor traditional area in the Shai Osudoku constituency after it failed to heed to appeals from the Assemblyman in replacing rotten electricity poles.

Some parts of Volivo-Duffor, which have been faced with electricity problems over the past few weeks, continue to be in darkness as result of the falling of rotten electricity poles.

Speaking to Assembly member for Duffor electoral area, Hon. Philip Ayertey, in an exclusive interview, he enumerated that part of the role of Assembly members is to collect information from the area and send them to the District Assembly for deliberation.

That, he explained, was the reason why he took steps to ensure that the needs of his people are brought to the attention of the necessary authorities.

He told this paper that he had written several letters to the ECG, both the district and regional offices, informing them about the deplorable state of the poles and also requested for their replacement.

However, he expressed that all his letters and requests have fallen on death ears.

According to him, he began writing to ECG since 2007, but nothing has been done leading to the current situation where most of the poles are beginning to fall resulting in power cuts and disconnections.

In letters dated, April 25, 2013, September 15, 2014 and June 15, 2015, which are in possession of Today, Hon. Ayertey humbly wrote to the ECG on the deteriorating nature of existing electricity poles which, according to him, posed serious threats to lives and properties.

He stated that it had become necessary for the poles to be replaced so as to prevent possible disaster.

Notwithstanding all efforts made by the Assembly member to ensure that the best is done for his area, the authorities at ECG seemed not concerned about what would befall residents.

The silence on the part of ECG has created series of tragedies, inconveniences to the people who are living in darkness and unable to continue with their daily activities smoothly.

The Assembly member thus appealed to government to come to their aid and provide them with new electricity poles for the community.

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