EC Makes Nonsense Of NPP Manifesto Launch

Over the weekend, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), launched its manifesto, after taking it to heaven and back.

They had before Sunday, accused every political party, including Hassan Ayariga’s All Peoples Congress (APC), of stealing their ideas and manifesto.

There was nothing new, innovative about the manifesto, which was assumed to be like a Bible or the Holy Quran, for which reason has to be kept in a vault and locked away, until all the political parties, launched their manifestos.

Members of the NPP, think they are the smartest people in Ghana, all that they assembled at the Trade Fair to do was, to promise to reintroduce programmes and policies the National Democratic Congress (NDC), led government, had abolished or scrapped and shoot down everything the government is doing right.

They are also promising to remove taxes and increase expenditure by reintroducing programmes that are making it difficult for the government to undertake developmental projects that will lead to the creation of jobs.

Apart from a promise to reintroduce Teachers and Nurses trainee allowances, whatever promise captured in the manifesto is already being implemented by the current government.

A manifesto must have timelines, a very critical thing missing in the budget was when, and how long it was going to take for any of the promises made to be fulfilled.

Manifestos are policy documents and must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound.

The manifesto of the NPP, is only a document full of words, with so many unrealistic, unachievable promises, intended to hoodwink Ghanaians to vote for their candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, who is a basket case as far as elections in this country are concerned.

The Electoral Commission (EC), has spoilt the party for the NPP, when it announced on Monday, the names of political parties and their presidential candidates, who were able to successfully file to contest this year’s general election.

The NPP, delayed launching their manifesto, for reasons that, it would dominate discussions few weeks to the election, but their joy was short-lived, because the EC decided to do something not many people expected.

Now who is smarter and who will be the biggest loser, certainly the NPP.

What do you think?

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