EC: We can easily provide list of NHIS registrants

The Electoral Commission (EC) has debunked claims in some quarters that it will be unable to provide the list of voters who registered with National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) cards.

The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the Electoral Commission to submit before it, a “comprehensive” list of all persons who registered with NHIS cards in 2012, by June 29.

Following the ruling, some people critics have suggested that the order will be an uphill task for the EC.

However, the EC in an equivocal response to critics on its official Facebook page Saturday said it can provide the list of NHIS registrants with the help of its primary registration document, popularly called ‘Form 1 A’S’

Below is the full statement

“It is a complete deception for anyone to claim that the EC cannot compile a credible list of voters who registered using the NHIS card as a form of identification. It is also false for anyone to claim that the EC cannot comply with the orders of the Supreme Court.

Where lies the difficulty or impossibility when the EC has the primary registration document (Form 1As). The Commission will fully satisfy the request of the Apex Court,” it assured.

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