Dr. Sakara may perform better as an independent candidate- Ben Ephson

The Managing Editor of the Daily Dispatch Newspaper, Ben Ephson has envisaged that the former Presidential candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Dr. Foster Abu Sakara may do better as an independent candidate than being part of the party.

‘It’s quite likely he may do better as an independent candidate than a party,’ he said.

According to the Pollster, parliamentary candidates of smaller parties perform way better than their presidential candidates during elections.

‘If you total the votes of parliamentary candidates of CPP and People’s National Convention (PNC), you see that it’s far in excess than that of the presidential candidates,’ he observed.

The Managing Editor of Daily Dispatch indicated that people are of the belief that voting for smaller parties is waste of votes.

Speaking on Ultimate breakfast hosted by Prince Minkah, he explained that Dr. Sakara may galvanise enough votes to push it to the run-off.

‘Clearly he may get enough votes to push it to the run –off and decide to support whoever towards the run-offs. I believe that he may want to use some of his views to try and make impact towards 2016,’ he said.

Asked if Dr. Sakara was pushed away from the party, he stated that ‘In politics it’s very difficult to find honesty but I think that if he disagrees with certain things in the party he would say it. You can see that he hasn’t formed any political party but going independent’.

The Pollster emphasised that the former presidential candidate of the CPP will definitely take people along with him.

He said the CPP has not come to the realisation of the country’s democratic shift.

‘One of the problems the CPP has been facing is the crutching of a section of the party to Nkrumahism, not that Nkrumah is back, but they are forgetting the democratic structure of the country now,’ he stated.

He advised CPP to desist from riding on the Nkrumahism agenda, saying that they are wasting the electorates’ time with this ideology.

‘Many people who are close to 60 years when Nkrumah was overthrown, they were 11 or 12 years. So if 80% of the population are just about 40, 43 years and you start talking about Nkrumahism, you are wasting everybody’s time. One of the fundamental reasons has been the inability of the party to move with the democratic shift. This is frustrating for quite a number of people,’ he said.

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