It has emerged that the founder and flagbearer of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom has since been engaging in acts that seeks to exploit vulnerable Ghanaians who are desirous of earning a decent income. This is contrary to the claims that he is creating jobs all over the country and putting money in people’s pocket.

In an exclusive interview with some former and present employees of Dr. Nduom by the Weekly Guide, they expressed their frustrati Dr. Nduom has greatly exploited them to broaden his financial empire.

Keche, a sensational hip-life musical group in narrating their ordeal virtually wept throughout the entire interview. ‘ We signed on to Spider Lee entertainment which belonged to Dr. Nduom. However, unknowingly to us, we had signed our death warrant’, they said.

‘Every Ghanaian knew our songs. We made back to back hits with songs like ‘Aluguntugui’, ‘ sokorde’, ‘slow motion’ amongst others. We played at all major events. However, behind the scenes we were hungry. Paa Kwesi Nduom payed us only Ghc500.00 per month. Nothing more nothing less’, they stressed.

They added that, ‘ We could travel outside the country and play several shows. The promoters pay us about $25,000.00 for just a tour. Can u believe, despite all these cash, we only come to Ghana with just $100.00 in our pocket?

‘He will sometimes buy a watch for you and take three times more of the original amount from you. We got tired of all these and decided to abrogate our contract with him’

According to them, a defiant Dr. Nduom claimed to have invested in them and that he needed to retrieve his investments plus profits. So for a period of three years, they did not get a dime from all the shows they had played or any money that came from their art because Dr. Nduom had noted that all the funds he spent on them was a loan with interest and that they needed to pay in full before he could abrogate their contract.

‘We just didn’t want anything to do with him again and so we had to sacrifice and pay all the fictitious amount he claimed we owed him. We thank God that after several years we have successfully paid and we are now under a new management and doing extremely well.

In another interview, a banker with GN Bank, one of the financial institutions owned by Dr. Nduom lamented bitterly how she takes home a meagre Ghc350.00 as a net salary. ‘Sometimes, he claims the bank has not made any profit in the year ending so he cannot increase our salaries. Other times, our salaries does not hit out accounts for several months despite our numerous complaints’, she stressed.

‘This should not be the conduct of someone who wants to lead a nation. Your workers are starving yet you claim there is no money. However, you are buying hundreds of SUVs and engaging in politics with our sweat’, she emphasised.

At the time of going to press, our political desk reached Dr. Nduom for his comments on the story. However, he told our reporter to mind his own business and hanged the phone on him.

Source: Weekly Guide

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