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Dr Omane Boamah says “Ayekoo” to Journalists in Ghana

Congratulations to all journalists in Ghana and across the globe. Your works over the years have made the world a better place to be. You’ve highlighted topical areas such as health, education, security including cyber-security, environment including climate change and desertification etc. in order to enhance sustainable growth and development.

Under severe and cruel circumstances, journalists have risked their lives to inform the public. Unfortunately, Democracy has still not guaranteed and granted you freedom of speech and in a country such as my beloved Ghana, Ahmed Hussein Suale, an investigative journalist has been killed in the line of duty. Several others have also been assaulted.

Beyond the senseless physical assaults, other suppressive and psychologically exacting techniques are being deployed to shrink the media space with each passing day.

A case in point is the needless tussle between the Multimedia Group Ltd and the Government of Ghana which is presently before the National Media Commission just because of the investigative report on vigilantism at the Osu Castle by Manasseh Azure Awuni.

Manasseh has aired his report, discerning Ghanaians have analysed it; and Government has stated its side of the story. This is enough!

On this day, while congratulating journalists, let’s join the world to say enough is enough. Journalists deserve to work in freedom so let’s grant them freedom of speech.

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