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Dr Edward Mahama says he recorded zero at a polling station his pastor voted. This is tacit confirmation his pastor voted for one of the two leading political parties. It could also be that his pastor’s ballot was counted as rejected/spoilt ballot.

Dr Mahama’s pastor must be applauded for eschewing the tendency of engaging in blind adulation. The pastor, to me, is an honest man. He must be encouraged to stick to his honest and truthful disposition. Look, Dr Mahama himself knows he cannot win any election in Ghana on the ticket of PNC.

It will come as a surprise to me if Atik Mohammed, Bernard Mornah or any other PNC member believed Dr Mahama would beat Nana Addo or President Mahama. It is an impossibility.

Dr Mahama’s pastor is not oblivious of happenings in Ghana. He knows the PNC is not any serious political organization (apologies to the memory of Dr Liman and Dr Nkrumah). The pastor knows that as leader of a mass Christan grouping, his first commitment to God is to stand for the

He might not have been bold to tell Dr Mahama in the face that he will lose the election again, but he was honest not to waste his vote on an “errant” aspirant. Dr Mahama has been the sole enemy of the progress of the PNC.

He has now succeeded in killing the PNC with no representation in the legislative house. Whiles Dr Mahama sees election as “Nov/Dec” where he can contest as many times as he wishes provided he gets the filing fees, his pastor thinks otherwise.

His pastor was wise enough to signal to him in last Wednesday’s election that he cannot become president on the ticket of PNC. Trust me, most PNC kingpins either voted for NDC or NPP. I would not be surprised if it turns out that Dr Mahama’s children and relatives did not vote for him.

At least Mr Rawlings did it to his wife. Nana Konadu scored zero at the polling station her bubby casted his ballot. It is not strange that Dr Mahama’s pastor decided to vote against him.

He only yielded to the dictates of the Bible, ie to be honest and truthful. Dr Mahama must accept this bitter truth and hang his political gloves.

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