Dr Bawumia clearly lied under oath -Video

The petitioners claim the pink sheets will show 4 categories of various forms of untoward acts perpetrated by the respondents, which are IRREGULARITIES, MALPRACTICES, OMMISSIONS AND VIOLATIONS.



And it is for this reason that Bawumia had to duplicate the pinkies in order to isolate each item belonging to a particular category. Since it is clear that ONE PINKIE CAN BE THE CONTAINER OF MULTIPLE CATEGORIES OF SUCH UNTOWARD ACTS.

But under oath, Bawumia precisely denies this basic element upon which their whole case pivots. He says a pinkie can only house only one category which is an abominable fallacy. We know that one pinkie can hold more than one category just as it is true that a pinkie can only show one category. They are NOT MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.

Here is the big problem.

Bawumia claims that even though he duplicated the pinkies to properly isolate the various categories found on them HE ONLY USED ONE TO DO HIS ANALYSIS YET SMUGGLED SEVERAL TO COURT TO HELP HIM EXPLAIN HIS ANALYSIS.


Bawumia also further stated that he only included the original pinkie in his final tally WHICH IS AN IMPOSSIBILITY SINCE EACH CATEGORY WOULD MEAN A SEPARATE UNTOWARD ACT AND MUST BE COUNTED SEPARATELY.

If he included only the originals in the tally then his maths will not add up and his duplication stories are lies. .

Please re-read the above!

Somebody correct me if I am wrong.

Re-read the above!!!

If Bawumia had to make duplicates to aid him in his analysis HE COULDNT THEN HAVE USED ONLY ONE PINKIE FOR HIS ANALYSIS. This is basic logic!!!

And if the categories were mutually exclusive to each pinkie he wouldn’t need to do duplicates.

Tony Lithur is a very brilliant lawyer because he quickly succeeded in deposing a lying Bawumia!!!

Which implies that Bawumia has, either for lack of knowledge, or for deliberate deception of the court LIED UNDER OATH ON SEVERAL FRONTS.

Bawumia thus has perjured himself on the witness stand. Mind you that PERJURY IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE PUNISHABLE BY IMPRISONNENT.

All Tony Lithur has to demonstrate are the impossibly positions Bawumia clutched onto during his testimony.

I think Tony’s work is now relatively easy since he has already done the more strenuous aspect by deposing a lying Bawumia under oath.

All he has to do is to show the court Bawumia testimony and the evidence are not compactible and voila!!

Voila. The case is over!!!

And maybe Bawumu prosecuted for perjury!!!

The Petitioners case is dead on arrival!

Mahamadu Barwumia has dealt them a mortal blow!

What do you think?

I will be surprised if Akufo Addo wins – Nyaho Tamakloe -Founding member of NPP

John Mahama is competent -Nyaho Tamakloe (NPP)