Don’t you think Otiko still loves President Mahama?

*Mahama Haruna writes:*

Many are surprised about Otiko Afisah Djaba’s incessant attacks on President Mahama. I am not surprised because I know the reason for Otiko’s tantrums against President Mahama since she became an NPP member in 2008.

It is simple! President *John Dramani rejected an ARRANGED FAMILY MARRIAGE* between him and *Otiko Afisah Djaba* many years ago.

President Mahama’s father (E.A. Mahama) and Otiko’s mother (Miss Siata) are brother and sister and were very close especially since they were the few educated elite from Bole in the British colonial days with President Mahama’s father becoming the first MP for Bole in 1954 and subsequently becoming a Minister under Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s government. EA Mahama’s sister (Miss Siata) was an accomplished educationist well known and popular at Bole. EA Mahama and Miss Siata adored each other so much that they build their houses near each other at Bole.

The fact is Otiko is a product of the friendship between President Mahama’s father (E.A. Mahama) and Otiko’s father (Henry Djaba). They were not only bossom friends but kin pins of Kwame Nkrumah’s CPP government. Henry Djaba decided to con the sister of his friend E.A. Mahama with Otiko as the product of the relationship.

President Mahama and Otiko are cousins. By Gonja custom cousins, that is a male child and female child of brother and sister respectively can marry and so former President Mahama could marry Otiko. In Gonja most marriages are contracted this way.

Indeed there was to be an arranged marriage between a very handsome, humble and “bookworm” President Mahama (long before he became MP for Bole-Bamboi) and Otiko which never worked out because President Mahama was not interested!!

Former President Mahama saw Otiko as an abrasive, arrogant and a “too known” lady he could not control. President Mahama later married his wife Lordina Mahama, who was very beautiful, curvy with an excellent back.

Since then Otiko has not forgiven President Mahama. She later decided to join the NPP just to have her pound of flesh on someone she really loved and wanted to marry. Perhaps her attacks and her arrogant refusal to apologise for insults he rained on former President Mahama in the past are because she is jealous.

What do you think?


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