DON’T BLAME NPP – Alhaji Bature

Whereas the governing National Democratic Congress and its 2016 flag bearer, President John Dramani Mahama are busily moving around the country commissioning projects and “selling” their good messages they believe should earn them a renewal of mandate, the main opposition leader, Nana Akufo-Addo and his New Patriotic Party are seriously engaged in beating war drums over non-existent electoral disadvantage.

As if admitting President Mahama’s ongoing “Accounting to the People” tour is diminishing their prospects of recapturing power going into the November polls, the NPP’s twice failed presidential candidate and his coterie of political hangers-on seem to have abandon claim of nonperformance against the NDC and have instead, singled out the chairperson of Electoral Commission, Madam Charlotte Osei for attacks over frivolous allegations that, her outfit plans to rig the elections.

But should Ghanaians blame the biggest opposition party and the three-time flag bearer for these lame excuses, particularly of the supposed electoral disadvantage to cover up for their likely third consecutive defeat?, Managing Editor of The aL-hAJJ, Alhaji Bature Iddrisu does not think so.

Alhaji Bature referred to an Akan proverb, “wontumi sua woniema wosi wukech3r3 nny3” to wit, when the load is too heavy for the head, you blame the headgear; to buttress his point.

The veteran journalist, who is also an astute socio-political commentator, told this paper in a rare exclusive interview that the NPP presently finds itself in a precarious situation, especially when Ghanaians are beginning to realize that most of their allegations against President John Mahama and the ruling party are palpably untruths.
“Having invested heavily in the last two elections without desirable results with indications of a third defeat in the November 7 polls starring…the NPP cannot be blamed for the never-ending attacks on the EC boss and threats of violence. This is because it is an established fact that a desperate and disgruntled mental state is no different from a crazy and demented mind,” he noted.
Adding that “of course, the way Nana Addo and his people have carried themselves especially in the past few months is not the best, but to be frank with you, if you were in their shoes you will not do anything different from what they are doing. Being in opposition for eight years is no joke…the case is even worse when you are clear in your mind that an additional four years in opposition awaits you because you cannot win the next election. I know how they are feeling. It is not easy for them at all,” he said.

According to The aL-hAJJ Managing Editor, what is even making most of Nana Akufo-Addo’s aficionados uncomfortable with the present state of the biggest opposition party, is that “some of them will have to retire from politics with Nana Akufo-Addo… to most of them; their continued existence in politics is tied to Nana Addo’s apron and relevance in NPP politics. When Nana Addo retires from active politics today, majority of them will find something else to do, and in order to avert this they are fighting tooth and nail and employing all manner of tactics including threat of mayhem and wild allegations of plans to rig the election for John Mahama.”

The NPP has since the assumption of office of Madam Charlotte Osei as new head of the election management organization been fighting for replacement of the current voter register over claims that it is bloated with foreign names.
This claim was shot down by a panel of five eminent experts led by former EC boss and retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice VCRAC Crabbe, which recommended an audit of the existing voter register.
Even after this development, the NPP has not given up on its agenda to go after the EC boss, desperately trying to decorate her as an agent of the NDC working to secure a second term mandate for President John Dramani Mahama.
Amidst allegations of plots to rig the elections for the President, the NPP led by its surrogate groups, Let My Vote Count Alliance, Movement for Change, Alliance For Accountable Governance and their ilk, having failed to get a new voter register compiled as they initially demanded; are now making a new request for the EC to validate the register as supposedly recommended by the panel of experts.
But before they could hoodwink unsuspecting Ghanaians into believing their claims, Chairman of panel of experts, Justice VCRAC Crabbe; a member of the panel and Moderator of the Methodist Church, Rt Rev Prof Emmanuel Asante and former deputy Commissioner of the EC, David Kangah refuted their claim that the panel recommended validation of the register.
Meanwhile, some respected Ghanaians including President Mahama have called for an end to the harassment of the EC. Those in support of the President’s call include senior political science lecturer at University of Ghana, Dr Ransford Gyampo and Senior Policy Analyst at Ghana Institute of Public Policy Options, Dr Charles Yves Wereko Brobbey.
Crestfallen, with no other options in the midst of ‘sterling’ performance and achievements by President Mahama and the NDC administration, Alhaji Bature said “the NPP and its 2016 flag bearer have been totally disadvantaged without any message to campaign on”.

He cited the seemingly stable economy, virtual end of dumsor, unprecedented infrastructural development, anticipated economic growth, the character and demeanor of the candidate and the relative prevailing peaceful environment in the country as credit that speaks for the present government going into the November polls.
According to Alhaji Bature, “apart from not having a clear cut message for the 2016 elections compared to the 2012 elections when they paraded free education as their flagship policy, the NPP’s 2016 flag bearer has been described by many as not marketable and full of tension, a character many Ghanaians abhors”.

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