”Don’t Attack President Mahama Over The Release of Montie 3” The Team of Popular Youth (TOPY)

We the Team of Popular Youth (TOPY) wishes to express our gratitude to all those who have shown support and continue to show massive turn out on all activities involving the worrying sentencing of our Montie brothers. TOPY believes, they are much pleased with our support and are hopeful we do not desert them in this crucial moment.

The leadership of TOPY wish to remind every comrade that this is not the real issue but a diversion tactics our opponents are trying to create. We wish to plead with all our comrades to calm their tempers down and to also stop the pressure on the President of the Republic of Ghana to activate the article 72 of our constitution. This we believe, will further sway the President off his focus on winning the 2016 elections. We trust and believe in the President to deliver the best in this matter.

What we currently require as Great Akatamansonians is to lace our campaign boots and preach to the masses about the good works of our party. No stone should be left unturned. Every Ghanaian living in the city, town, village, hamlet etc. should be our target. The only thing that will make our comrades, Mugabe Maase, Alistair Nelson and Gordon Aku Gunn happy is when we win the 2016 General elections and so, for any NDC member to come out publicly to threaten or attack the President for the release of the Montie 3, or else, he or she wont vote for him is not the best decision at all. We believe that, the only joy we can deliver to our brothers is to rally behind His Excellency John Dramani Mahama in this trying times to win this elections once and for all.

Be reminded that our brothers will never forgive us if we fold our arms and lose this all important election 2016 to the enemy who dragged them into prison just to cage them and make sure they are unable to work hard for the victory of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama. Let’s carry out with the good work they were doing for the party and for President John Dramani Mahama. Let’s not quench the ‘’Fire’’, the ‘’Gumbe’’ and the ‘’Indiabele’’ spirit they left behind. We are never cowards, but a law abiding party that will always uphold the rule of law. We at TOPY will support the President in any decision he takes as far as our brothers jailing is concern, because, we believe in his right thinking decisions that have kept the NDC up and running. Let us therefore not attack him but to appeal and to wait for his decision that will deem fit for the victory of the Great NDC come 2016 December polls.

The leadership of TOPY is therefore, working hard to get all that is required for our youth to pursue a more aggressive but peaceful campaign to deliver victory for election 2016. Democracy requires public debate of ideas. The ideas and principles of our party the great NDC shall be subjected to a test of public controversy. Our ability to debate well is what will win us the massive support. And let the opposition know, we are not soft and nothing can stop us from making sure His Excellency John Dramani Mahama retain power during this elections. We at TOPY and the entire NDC faithful’s will make sure we Knock on every door at least twice from now before the December polls. This we believe would honour the Montie 3 more than anything else. Long live Ghana Long live TOPY, Long live NDC Long Live H.E John Dramani Mahama Long Live Montie 3

Stephen Kenneth Nakujah (Co-Founder}
Contact: 0244 66 26 84

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