Dominic Nitiwul is A complete elevated sycophant and hireling of Akufo-Addo!

Kum Apem Epistle
By: Kwame Anokye (PhD)

A striking instance where a chimpanzee which sees itself as superior to the Gorilla is featured in the obnoxious and horrible attempt by an elevated sycophant and an unpleasantly arrogant Dominic Nitiwul, who was handpicked and clothed from the shackles of abject obscurity in Bimbila, altered from PNC to NPP in less than seven years; rather regards his blind allegiance to the intransigent Akufo-Addo as loyalty and commitment to the NPP? More pathetic is when Dominic Nitiwul, a PNC (offshoot of CPP-NDC) dyed in the wool mischievously attempts to erode the essence of what constitutes loyalty to the NPP by suppressing it to the mere following of a tinpot Akufo-Addo? Akufo-Addo who has never accounted for all the monies he has retrieved from the party is loyal and committed to the NPP, so says the myopic mind of Nitiwul? Akufo-Addo who has failed to uphold unity but has always imposed his badly unpleasant will on the NPP is seen by Nitiwul as committed to the NPP? Akufo-Addo who has failed to explain to the people of the NPP why he led the party into two streaks of avoidable defeats is rather committed to the party? Akufo-Addo who has established and reign over violence abuse and  blatant indiscipline within the NPP is rather committed and loyal to the NPP? If Nitiwul admits that, “Akufo-Addo does not call people”, why then does he conclude that, decision by these ostracized victims , who were sacked from the party based on scheming, groundless allegations and outright lies by Akufo-Addo, to join the losing campaign of Akufo-Addo constitutes commitment and loyalty? Has common sense eluded Dominic Nitiwul this much? Before I start, I wish to advise Dominic Nitiwul to learn how to negotiate with his head and not his stomach before blurting out his fleeting comments. It rather embarrasses Nitiwul’s own conscience and self.

Yesterday, after a meeting at Akufo-Addo’s office by prominents of the “Kyebi family” of Nana Akufo-Addo, it was agreed that, they should hire services of what they described as a “kiss ass” northerner be used to path a line of procuring  headlines against the first Northener NPP National Chairman and Independent minded Paul Afoko as well as Kwabena Agyepong, who are victims of an illegal sacking from the party by Nana Akufo-Addo. A source in that meeting whispered that, Dominic Nitiwul after speaking on the phone with Akufo-Addo “agreed to take up the job as well as others yet to come on a condition that he will be reconsidered for the same position he is occupying- Deputy Minority leader” and possibly some amounts of money”

Before I start, I demand answer to this nagging question- Why Northerners, who once in the epoch history were pronouced as the “Official Opposition Party is the Northern Peoples Party by Speaker Sir Emanuel Charles Quist on August 12 1954” ; rather have in their midst some “inferior, weak minded, and ignoble gullibles” who, out of abject Sycophancy have accepted that incongruous bourgeoisie and for that matter been regarded as second fiddles by and used as subordinates or deputies or vice positions by a certain “egotistical” group (Kyebi) in the New Patriotic Party? I respect deeply the first Northener NPP National Chairman Paul Afoko, you know why? PAUL AFOKO AS I HAVE KNOWN HIM FROM AFAR IS AN INDEPENDENT MINDED PERSON WHO HAS A HUMBLING PRIDE FOR HIS BIRTHPLACE , THE NORTHERN EXTRACTION JUST AS WE ASANTES HAVE, AND OUT OF DETERMINATION,  HE BROKE THAT PRIMORDIAL JINX WHERE NORTHENERS WERE REGARDED AS SECOND FIDDLES BY THAT CONDESCENDING KYEBI FAMILY.

I had invariably thought that Northeners by virtue of what we Asantes have known them as “Loving themselves” will be proud of Chairman Afoko’s outstanding gallantry until it downed on me that, some stomach infrastructured,  arse-licking, good for nothing, jealous, dark hearted and self described Northeners such as the elevated sycophant attention freak and unintelligent lose canon Dominic Nitiwul, the erratically behaved Kamal Deen, the unbalanced buffoon Musah Superior, the badly behaved Alhaji Short, late Adams, the mad pigs who eat with both hands and feet Bugri Naabu and Anthony Karbo, the deranged Hajia fati, the stubborn and poverty striken mercenaries Alhaji Yeremia, to name few; allowed themselves to be used in fighting against their own hero, who ventured and broke that long held prejudice against they northerners. Incredible isn’t it?

Chairman Afoko will forever be remembered as a Hero in Africa’s political history not because of his gentlemanly humbling towering height, neither his cheerful art of giving a chiefly proportions of alms and helping hands to the have”s” and have-not”s”, but his unassailable and unconquerable weapon, which is the TRUTH. Chairman Afoko has resisted attempted oppression, open show of hostility, discrimination and the attempt by that  Kyebi family of Akufo-Addo to  suppress him even when he picked forms to contest the position of Chairmanship in that New Patriotic Party whose motto, now replaced with ” Development in Bondage and Oppression” by its all Time and most failed flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo. After Afoko won resoundingly the elections, the Naked emperor Akufo-Addo who is seen by some persons in the NPP as a “vampire” designed and pushed an uncanny terror and an incendiary ploy against Chairman Paul Afoko, one that’s similar to how Akufo-Addo began to knock heads of party elders to demand from the winner who is my Asante elder- President Kufour who had been elected, to relinquish and surrender his authority as the flagbearer of the party for the loser Akufo-Addo after Sunyani 1998 congress. So the vicious Akufo-Addo deployed all his highly inflammable tactics including the killing of Adams Mahama and Abubakr Sadik to justify his age-old hate filled agenda against Chairman Paul Afoko.

On November 9 2015, viewers of TV3 media listened with utmost incredulity, one that has never been experienced for decades, primitive comments from a sad, slow witted and an uncultured mercenary of Akufo-Addo identified as Agyei Bawuah, former ambassador to Japan when He stated “It’s better for NPP to lose 2016 elections without Afoko’. The NPP’s flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo who has failed in all moral aspects of life at the Sunyani congress, in flagrant display of chutzpah stated mischievously among others that “there is no place for moles in my NPP” insinuating against Chairman AFoko and Kwabena Agyepong. Just a couple of weeks ago, the party’s manifesto was reported leak by THE STATESMAN NEWSPAPER, a print media owned by Akufo-Addo’s family. I relate this to Dominic Nitiwuls comments ”
Nana Akufo-Addo doesn’t call people to join the campaign; you yourself must find out where the campaign is and then you join to show your love and commitment to the party,”

From the above reckless, indiscreet, foolhardy and hot-headed lose talks from the vicious emperor Akufo-Addo and his known mercenary, on what basis does this PNC turn coat and a self imposed hungry Northener, Dominic Nitiwul  expect Chairman Afoko to join the campaign? Okay the hungry sycophantic Nitiwul admits Akufo-Addo’s egregious ego in his words “Nana Akufo-Addo doesn’t call people to join the campaign”. In one breathe, this means Akufo-Addo is so self satisfied and unpleasantly pompous such that, he does not need people to join in his campaign, how much less those he has described as moles? In another breathe, of course, NPP is a voluntary organization, and if Akufo-Addo admires haughtiness to the extent that he does not need to call people he has sacked from the party, to join in his “One Tour One Rest” campaign, who the hell is Dominic Nitiwul, a PNC retarded clown to define what commitment and loyalty to the NPP is? If Akufo-Addo now admits that, it is better to lose 2016 without Afoko, why does he need  Chairman Afoko in his campaign? Is it a trap to blame Afoko and Agyepong for the inevitable and impending defeat starring at Akufo-Addo? Has the reason ability of Nitiwul stopped working? Is NktiwulS logic impaired? Someone must do a favor, by waking Nitiwul from the blind following of Akufo-Addo

Let, Dominic Nitiwul,  whom I changed his antique appearance and outdated attires with One brown suit, One Black suit, shirts and pair of shoes for, on the direction of Honorable Dan Kweku Botwe from Kantamanto learn to humble his poor self. Let the barbaric and uncivilized Dominic Nitiwul assess his past life, and allow reasoning and good conscience to prevail on his poor self. We know how he started. We know the beginning of Nitiwul,  let him humble himself

“Ate Yie 3mma Awure fie”

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