DKM customers receive second round of payments

Customers of DKM Microfinance Company have started receiving the second round of payment of the money they lodged with the now liquidated company.

While the first batch of customers received a maximum of GH¢3,500 in October this year, the second batch is receiving a maximum of GH¢10,000, even if the amount deposited is more than GH¢10,000.

Beneficiaries of the second round of payment include those whose names were not captured for payment during the first round of payment and those who received part payment of their investment during the first exercise.

According to the official liquidator, about 41,000 customers are earmarked to benefit from the second round of payment nationwide.

Anxious customers of the company started converging on both the main and the market branches of GCB Bank in Sunyani to receive their payments.


A spokesperson for the liquidator, who pleaded anonymity in an interview with the Daily Graphic, said he was convinced that all customers of DKM who presented their documents to the official liquidator would be captured after the third batch of lists had been released next year.

“The liquidator will, however, give those whose names are not captured, after the third batch of lists had been released, another chance to present their documents to enable them to receive their locked up investments,” he said.

Payment procedure

The list of those who have been earmarked for payment has been posted on a notice board at the two branches of the GCB Bank in Sunyani where they are to receive their money.

The exercise is being done amid tight security, with beneficiaries being processed outside before entering the banking hall to collect their money after presenting their identity cards and receipts.

At the Sunyani main branch of the GCB Bank, two cashiers were designated to serve customers of DKM to ensure that customers were not unduly delayed.

It is expected that 300 customers would be served each day till the end of the exercise in January next year.


Some affected customers who spoke to Daily Graphic yesterday shared their frustration that some of them bore similar names and called on the liquidator to provide their mobile numbers against their names, as well as their bank account numbers, for easy identification.

Meanwhile, most of them were happy with the payment process, saying it was hassle-free and fast.

Many who received part payment of their money during the first round but could not locate their particulars on the second list expressed worry about the situation.

Some of them claimed to have sums of money ranging from GH¢600,000 to over a million Ghana cedis with the company and could not understand why they were given only GH¢3,500 during the first round of payment


Abdul-Hamid Alhandu reports from Bolgatanga that a customer of DKM, Mr Abagna Richard Anamzime, expressed satisfaction with the second tranche of repayment.

He said the customers could not comprehend why some were paid GH¢10 during the first repayment exercise when they had investments in excess of GH¢100,000.

He said the process was going on smoothly, with some customers who were paid GH¢10 during the first repayment receiving top up, while those whose investment exceeded GH¢10,000 were made to fill forms to be paid the rest of their investments later.

A student of the University of Cape Coast who wanted to remain anonymous said she was happy to receive GH¢10,000 out of her deposit of GH¢12,000.

She said she was going to use the money to settle her indebtedness to other people, as she had borrowed money to pay her school fees.

She commended the official liquidator for living up to her promise of settling their investments and pleaded with her to ensure that all customers received their investments, since a lot of people had been rendered jobless because of the problem.


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