Discussing the issues-

Is the NDC broke? I don’t think so if you ask me. The party has not issued any statement suggesting that it is facing financial crisis.

The party recently inaugurated its ideological institute and it shows how resolute and poised it is for the battle ahead. President Mahama has not stated anywhere that he is the financial messiah coming to save the party from the alleged financial crisis.

Those who have raised the issue about funding the party’s activities, did so based on realities on the ground. Political parties are funded by contributions from party members and individual supporters, organizations who share their philosophies, or benefit from the parties when in power. Apart from the enumerated sources, foreign entities and business magnates also support our parties. There are other sources depending on individual parties fund raising policies.

To say President Mahama deliberately destroyed businesses of NDC business men is rather unfortunate. Can we substantiate this weird allegation with evidence? What I know is that after 19 solid years in office counting from the PNDC period to NDC 1&2, we still organised fund raising activities to raise funds for our campaign I don’t know if that became necessary because we collapsed businesses of our own.

Yea, the party had to organize fund raising activities to raise funds for the party when we all knew very well that individuals had made billions of dollars, bought properties etc through their operations in the three administrations (PNDC,NDC 1&2). The NDC has not issued any statement suggesting that it is bankrupt and that fact must be established. That notwithstanding, we must know that all political organisations whether in government or outside, rely on direct and indirect public finding, fund raising activities, gifts etc. In government, they may benefit from kick backs, contributions from lobby(ing)- groups etc. The Npp in government, will still seek public support. The other issue is the influence of certain power brokers in the sub region. I am sure my friends heard what President Rawlings said about the financial support the NDC received from some Nigerians years ago. Such contributions depend on the results of previous elections and the current position of the party whether in government or in opposition. The NDC in opposition will need application of extra skills to raise funds for its activities. The business community and other targeted groups must be assured through activities and actions of the party that it can win the next election. This is the reason why we must be careful with this 2024 projection. If that becomes the target as being espoused by some writers, then we must expect external support in 2023. It is not about Mr Mahama no, and humble as he is, I don’t think he will ever display such muzzles just because he once led this country. He humbly accepted blame for our defeat and appealed to all members to come together to heal the lame horse. He won the 2012 Presidential election on the ticket of the NDC to lead the country. The position he held opened him up to lots of opportunities and powerful personalities across the globe. He hasn’t said anywhere that he has reached the billionaire status and don’t think he is anywhere closer. What he can do to support the party should be, using his image to help attract organizations both local and international to the NDC.

Funding the party in the next election is one crucial issue which demand serious attention. We must first find out how why the npp became so vibrant few weeks into the elections and how persons who handled funds meant for our (NDC) branches and constituencies handled matters. If we are able to investigate into these matters,we will empathise with the former President, the accusations will minimise, and we shall identify the real people we must point our guns at. But I thank the former President for burying all these issues and courageously, carried the heavy load alone for peace and sanity to prevail.

On what President Mahama is going to do differently to bring back the over one million votes he lost as a candidate in 2016, I think NDC supporters in general need not do any serious research work to furnish my friends with an answer. The situation in the country currently, the agitations across, the massive expression of disappointment, and frustrations, the massive borrowing etc are enough reasons to support any Mahama comeback projection or analysis. When analysing issues about election results, behaviour of the voters must be considered and understanding that can explain why voters who voted against Mahama, took that decision. I hope my friends remember the kinds of promises the npp made during the campaign and how they used those unrealistic promises which have become albatrosses on their necks to touch on emotions and how they affected voters emotions and mood with their lies. Voters responded to their planned stimuli which resulted in the emotional biases we all complaining about today. Unsubstantiated corruption allegations by the npp and some of our own people primed some voters with an anger condition. These persons were not ready to seek information, explanations or clarifications and went to the polls with the mindset that Mahama and his appointees were corrupt. They did not consider the practical benefits they were going to get from the numerous hospitals, roads, schools, buses etc. Few months after leaving office, he [Mahama] who was vilified vehemently, has become the hero, taxi drivers, nurses, farmers, etc are all yearning for his return. He isn’t going to perform any extra magic to get back the votes he lost, the NDC isn’t going to perform any extra magic to take over its rightful place on the political space, the work Mahama did, the humility he displayed in office and still displaying out of office, are factors going to restore our original figure and if necessary add more.

By the way, in the early 90s, people who predicted that the Npp will one day win political power in Ghana were described as mad souls. Nothing showed that the NDC was going to lose political power in 2000 but it happened. Individuals in the party sold their properties to support the party, others sold their vehicles etc to bring the party to the level we seeing it today. They did not demoralise themselves with their previous 30% range figure. They challenged the 92 results, boycotted the Parliamentary results over rigging allegations all as part of the party’s psychological warfare. In 2012, they challenged the results in the supreme court.

We all heard Kennedy Agyepong on the 2016 election, we heard what members of their vigilante groups said, we heard what happened to Mac Manu and his men when they attempted to enter Kenya. These are enough facts to support the assertion that something untoward happened to our 2016 elections.


From the little i know, I don’t think Mr Mahama is a billionaire or nearing that status. That notwithstanding, he was not a mere poor politician in 2008. His father, E.A Mahama, was one of Ghana’s renowned politicians and by the way, the former President on many platforms, happily shared stories about how his father from a humble background, jumped the hurdles to become a political giant, with his audience and he himself, how he used to work on his father’s farms. But it must also be made clear that Mahama was not a mere poor politician in 2008. To him, richness is not about your monetary wealth and the number of houses one builds, but rather, how effective one uses his brains to support himself and society and that has been his natural hobby may be, that was the reason why he built many schools, hospitals, roads, nursing schools, etc. His father was a successful businessman cum politician and we know/knew the status of people who owned houses around Tesano in the 70s. His selection to partner Prof Mills was an unanimous one and that must be established. The party settled on him based on certain core reasons including attitude etc.May be, a little research to know more about the Mahama family will cure this mischief.

Ending, let me commend all comrades. Gradually, the tension is minimising, I see concerted efforts to clear this incompetent regime, the rough play has subsided despite. The NDC is once again showing the way.Internal competition can strengthen the pillars if handled well.

What do you think?

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