Some staunch supporters and leading members of the New Patriotic Party (Npp) are becoming frustrated and rethinking of the roles they played in helping President Akufo-Addo to power amid increasingly excruciating economic crisis and corruption rocking the nation. The supporters believe President Akufo-Addo had so far failed to demonstrate that he has the wherewithal and even the political will, to fulfil quarter of the promises he made during the campaign. Samuel Ahenkora, an ardent supporter of the President and the npp surprisingly expressed disappointment in the administration on his Facebook wall and on his Twitter handle and apologised to his friends and followers for convincing them to vote for candidate Akufo-Addo last December. Dr Desmond Oware a prolific writer and another ardent supporter of the Npp wrote in an article published recently that ; “it is possible that through my articles and write-ups i convinced a couple of people to vote for Nana. I owe them an apology”

A leading member of the Npp and a top financier of the Party Mr Kennedy Agyepong, described members of the party as stupid “Agyemifoc” on a popular TV show on Adom TV. He expressed his frustration and disappointment on the show and predicted doom for the party in the 2020 election. Dr Addo Kufour, a founding member of the party, a former defense minister under Kufour and currently chairman of the SSNIT board, condemned the party’s hasty implementation of the Free SHS, Mr Tufour another stalwart of the party recently told the media that he nearly wept when he visited one of the secondary schools to ascertain for himself problems in the schools as a result of the free SHS programme. One Abrony3, communicator of the party recently described an appointee of the President (Brong Ahafo Regional Minister) as the most corrupt politicians he has ever seen in his political career and predicted doom for the party if the man is made to remain as the regional minister. A- plus an ardent supporter of the President recently revealed corrupt practices going on at the presidency. Dr Isabella Amoako another popular Npp supporter based in the USA, in an article he wrote about his party’s performance, expressed serious disappointment in the administration and appealed to the party’s council of elders to intervene before the situation gets out of hand. This was what the medical officer wrote in his article “I have nothing in common with such characters and yet I somehow donated money to them and canvassed people to vote for them. I will freely say that that this is one of the biggest lessons I have learnt in my life so far”. A communicator of the party in the Ashanti Region who commented on the article, wrote “if I convinced even 15 people to vote for Akufo-Addo, then I owe them an apology. For not properly interrogating the people who offered themselves as the solution to Ghana’s problems”. Ernest Obeng Mensah one of the party’s vibrant communicators on social media wrote on his Facebook wall “The smart people who were supposed to lead sensible reforms and drive the change agenda have been reduced to actors in a silent movies whilst unknown family members and friends of the empire are sharing the cake and causing serious blunders” He said, the Akufo-Addo government had become a source of shame to him and other discerning supporters of the party, as it now offers daily a dose of high drama in place of a change agenda that was promised Ghanaians from Wa to Kajebi. Francis Donkor a renowned journalist now pursuing a masters programme in the United States, also wrote “We will continue to help this government and our party in the way we can because Ghana first. We just need to be honest that we exaggerated the expectations of Akufo-Addo.” Afia Abrefi Kotc a member of the Npp UK branch also wrote, “A debate and a solid economic plan among others , should be a must for all presidential candidates in the next general elections. No more packaging”

According to a report posted on Charles Asiedu Afram’s wall, President Akufo-Addo’s rating has dropped significantly following his failure to act decisively on corruption allegations levelled against some of his officials and the security agencies ( BNI/EOCO) to release comprehensive details of their investigations.

Another issues his frustrated supporters touched on was the administration’s attempt to deny ever promising to deliver some of his campaign promises including the $1 million to every constituency.

Other frustrated members said, for a party, the New Patriotic Party that was preaching change before the 2016 elections ,one would have thought by now they will be up and running. But 11 months into their administration one cannot point to one project completed or initiated by the administration. And when you look at the appointees and their performance, you ask yourself; what wa

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