Did John Mahama teach Nana Addo what PATRIOTISM is all about?. -Brogya Genfi

Patriotism is about committing to the larger/collective national interest and benefit for citizens without considering other political/enthnic/religious/self interest. In simple terms, Patriotism is about the show of unalloyed National Loyalty.

Nana Addo refused to recognise John Mahama as President because of the former’s election petition challenging the 2012 elections even though the constitution was clear on what needed to be done in a situation like that. Nana Addo failed to rise up to the status of acting as a patriotic Ghanaian by refusing to attend even National events during the period.

Again, when then President Mahama called on all citizens including Political Parties, Religious Organisations, Civil Society Organizations, etc., to help contribute to a National Economic Discourse, Nana Addo did not only boycott – he also encouraged his party members and Members of Parliament not to attend. Nana Addo on that occasion failed to portray any act of PATRIOTISM on what has come to be known as the Senkyi Forum.

FastForward 》》》》》

President Nana Addo invites 3 Former Presidents including John Mahama to help him through a discussion on some decisions he wants to take as President (according to the Presidency). Former President John Mahama rises to the occasion to teach President Nana Addo what PATRIOTISM means in its real sense. Without a blink, he pays heed to the call and engages in what the Presidency describes as FRANK and OPEN discussion.

Ironically, Candidate Nana Addo in a response to President Mahama during the 2016 electioneering campaign retorted “Mahama cannot teach me any lesson in PATRIOTISM”

Now the question is:
Has John Mahama taught Nana Addo any lesson in PATRIOTISM?

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