Desperate Nana B Must Leave Tein And NDC out of his Shameful Insurance scheme -Kobby Barlon

The youth wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has taken note of the pronouncements of the Deputy Executive Director of the National Service Scheme (NSS), Nana Boakye on ‘’ Ekosii Sen’’ a twi political programme on Asempa FM.

Nana Boakye, also knowns as Nana B in his pronouncement accused the Tertiary Education Institutions Network (TEIN) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as brain behind current agitation by NSS personnel against the NSS management. The NSS personnel has strongly kicked against what they describe as arbitrary deduction of allowances under the guise of insurance for personnel.

The youth wing of NDC consider Nana Boakye’s pronouncement unfounded and, unwarranted attack emanating from an impotent, incapable and ill-advised management, that is desperately trying to defend an obnoxious decision and, an orchestration to divert public attention from his NPP government’s shameful policy to extort money from the pockets of National Service Personnel who are already squeezed by the current harsh economic conditions in the country.

By this statement we wish to make it abundantly clear to Nana Boakye that, the position he occupies is not a political one. Neither do National Service Personnel perform their services based on political affiliation. For him to repeatedly mention TEIN in answers to legitimate questions is not only diversionary but desperation. He must therefore stop clutching at the members of TEIN as a smokescreen to cover the clear failure at the scheme.

The revelations emanating from the NSS in the past week show a Directorate that is completely lost on the mandate of the office they occupy and are now delving into part time insurance marketing for the purpose of meeting political ends as the evidence suggests.
If Nana Boakye is to be taken seriously as a man who believes in free choice as a political orientation of the Party he belongs to, he must, together with his bosses, scrap that insurance scheme which they are forcing on the young Ghanaian serving his or her country. You cannot tell Ghanaians that you believe in free markets and yet dictate options to people especially when they are young and economically vulnerable. It is simply unconscionable and directly contravenes rights of those citizens in the eyes of the 1992 constitution.
Nana Boakye and his ‘create, loot and share’ team must take time to read what their duties are according to the law and seek advice if necessary, rather than insisting on sullying the NSS with a divisive labelling of the personnel as NDC members.

To resolve the shameful and forceful imposition of this insurance scheme on the National Service Personnel will not take attacks on members of the National Democratic Congress. It will take common sense and respect of the rights of all National Service Personnel without political lenses. Nana Boakye must take the advice and leave the Youth of the great NDC alone.
God bless the NDC.

God bless our homeland Ghana.
Kobby Barlon, Deputy National Youth Organiser, NDC
Contact: 0244683025.

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