Dead body dumped in Freddie Blay’s house – the full inside story

A former Member of Parliament for Amenfi Central George Kofi Arthur has recounted how constituents of the Ellembelle Constituency brought a corpse to the resident of their former Member of Parliament (MP) Freddie Blay.

According to him, the Constituents demanded money from the legislator and to show how serious they were about the money needed for transporting the dead to his town, they brought the body which was lying on top of a car to his house.

He indicated that this was done as early as 5:00am to prove the urgency.

“I’m telling you this and if you think I’m lying you can go and verify. His constituents came to abandon a corpse behind his house as early as 5am in the morning because they needed money from him to transport the corpse.
This happened to Hon Freddie Blay who is NPP Chairman when he was an MP. Look at the whole nation and its leadership, which people can this be done to? But they went to him and he had to satisfy them,” he said on Accra-based Okay FM.

The former MP recounted this incident to buttress the point that legislators are some of the good people in society and therefore there is the need for them to be treated right by citizens.
He believes that Ghanaians need to have a deeper understanding of who a politician is and with that, they will appreciate that Members of Parliament do not deserve the contempt with which they are treated with.

Written by Web Master

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