DCE abandons school building after construction; frustrated parents issue ultimatum


Residents of Kumatse, a farming communities near Somanya in the Eastern Region have called on the District Chief Executive to immediately commission a newly-constructed school building for them to use.

It has been four years since the classroom block was constructed but it has not been commissioned for use.

Members of the community have threatened to force open the school building if the D.C.E fails to make it available to them in two weeks.

Children in Kumatse were relieved when the school building was completed. On daily basis, they troop to the football field to Play in anticipation of the commissioning of this school. But that has not happened.

Even though the school building has not been occupied, it has already developed cracks, parts of the roof have ripped off and the paint is peeling off.

Residents in this village say the District Chief Executive of the constituency, George Opare Addo abandoned the school building after construction.

The Unit Commiittee chairman of the village, Henry Agorgli, is threatening they would force open the school block if the DCE fails to do that in two weeks.

The four miles foot journey has not been easy for the children of Kumaste, the situation is forcing some of them to drop out of school.

One such pupil is thirteen year old Ebenezer Solaga. He is one of those who makes the four-mile journey from Kumatse to New Somanya everyday to access education.

The three-hour foot journey got him exhausted even before teaching and learning starts. He dropped out of school because he could no longer cope with daily rigour of going to school. He nurtures ambitions to return to school when this block, is opened for use.

Parents who can afford transportation for their children have over the years done so in order for their children to access education in both Somanya and new Somanya.

The two-week ultimatum given by the residents of Kumatse to the District Chief Executive, George Opare Addo, is borne out of frustration and disappointment, they say.


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