Daily Guide’s Report Of Attack On Woyome Is False

Businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, has denied reports in Daily Guide which sought to inform the public that he was attacked last Saturday at the mall.

According to the Daily Guide report: “There was drama at the Achimota Shopping Mall in Accra last Saturday when a man accosted businessman and National Democratic Congress (NDC) financier, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, for duping the state in the sum of GH¢51.2 million.”

But PRO for Mr. Woyome, Reginald Seth Dodge, has told GhanaPoliticsonline.Com that, Mr. Woyome was never at the mall on Saturday; rather, it was Sunday that he passed through the mall.

“On Sunday we went to greet a family at Achimota and we passed by the mall” the PRO stated. The report further asserts that, “The man, angered by Woyome’s inability to refund the GH¢51.2 million dubiously paid to him by the state, confronted the NDC financier and enquired when he was going to pay back the money.”

The paper also claimed that this strange man was not even sure of whom he was allegedly attacking, but, “Immediately Mr. Woyome confirmed his identity, the gentleman pounced on him shouting, ‘you are the one who spent our money. We will collect our money today,’” the source said.

Explaining what actually happened which was reported as attack on Mr. Woyome, Seth Dodge said, “At the mall, many people were trying to take pictures with us and there came this man who was a little bit drunk — who also tried to take a picture with him.”

He added that there was nothing like attack, rather, the security men tried to prevent the drunken man from joining the picture taking section but the man, apparently a loyal fan of Mr. Woyome, passionately insisted – an action which called for the police to carry him to the Mile 7 police station just to calm his passion down.

In a separate chat with the Crime Officer of Mile 7 police station, Mr. Henry Kuma Agbeve, he confirmed – that, it’s true the drunkard’s intention was not to attack Mr. Woyome but to take a picture with the business mogul — just as any loyal fan does or will do to his or her role model.

GhanaPoliticsonline.Com caught up with Mr. Woyome and he was appalled at how Daily Guide could report such falsehood about him. “If it’s true that I was attacked won’t the police press charges against the one who attacked me?” Mr. Woyome asked rhetorically.

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