CPP Disassociate Themselves From Greenstreet’s Ford Gift Comment

Contrary to a statement made by Ivor Greenstreet, the Presidential Candidate for the Convention Peoples’ Party that he sees nothing wrong with President Mahama receiving a Ford Expedition as gift from a Burkinabe after he had been awarded two contract from the government, the executive members of the Convention Peoples’ Party have revealed to that they are in disagreement with their Presidential Candidate over the statements made in connection to President Mahama’s Ford Expedition gift.

In a statement released by the Head of Finance and Administration for the party, He stated that Ghanaians are so embarrassed by the misconduct of the President.

In a separate chat with Ernesto Yeboah National Youth Organiser of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), as to why the party’s stand on the issue differs from that of their Presidential Candidate, he said their Presidential Candidate’s statement are the reflection his own opinion and ideology not the Party’s.

Below is the full statement .

Press Release
June 16, 2016


As Ghanaians, we are totally embarrassed by the misconduct of the President and demand his immediate resignation.

The President has breached his own code of ethics for Ministers and other Public Appointees.

The President has breached the Public Procurement Act.

The President has breached the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) Guidelines on Conflict of Interest.

The President has breached the 1992 Constitution.

The President has breached his own Oath of office and is therefore no longer fit to hold himself as a worthy leader of our country.

There is no way the President can absolve himself from this mess. It’s interesting that the year Mr. Djibril Kanazoe, the Burkinabe contractor, gave a Ford Expedition to the President was the very year he won the Jericho wall contract.

President Mahama has breached his own code of ethics which states that gifts that are to be accepted without any conditions should not exceed 200 cedis or 50 dollars. The said vehicle is within the range of 100,000 dollars.

We are of the same opinion of Mr. Daniel Batidam, the Advisor on Governance at the Office of the President who in answering a hypothetical question in this issue said that the President should have known better and that any responsible leader would not need to be advised on that.

The advice the president would certainly need from Mr. Batidam is that he, the president, should honour the the words of his oath and resign.

Fighter John Osei,
Head of Finance and Administration, (00233266692006)
CPP Youth League

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