Court frees secession movement leaders

The Ho High court has freed some persons involved in the campaigning for the secession of a part of the Volta Region.

The discharge of the seven suspects follows a motion filed in court by the Attorney General to drop the charge of treason felony and conspiracy to commit same against them, Accra-based Starr FM reports.

The suspects are part of the Homeland Study Group Foundation which has over the past year been campaigning for the separation of parts of the Volta, Northern and Upper East regions to form the Western Togoland state, which they claim existed before Ghana’s independence in 1957.
The group had printed “T” shirts with a delimited Ghana map

The Group had planned to declare independence of the Western Togoland by May 9, and printed “T” shirts with a delimited Ghana map with the eastern portion marked, “State of Western Togoland.”

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