Continuous Registration of Voters is the Solution -Dr.Papa Kwesi Nduom

STILL: Continuous Registration of Voters is the Solution!

The back and forth arguing about whether we need a new voter’s register or not is not the most productive thing to do. We know the problems embedded in the voter’s register – bloated, mistake-laden, existence of non citizens and minors, etc. But let us stop playing the game of who is the best expert at defining the problem. We need solutions. And the key lies at the doorstep of the National Identification Authority (NIA). Without the NIA, any solution will be short-lived. Any attempt to clean up the current register needs an acceptable identifier for everyone in that database. President John Dramani Mahama must tell us where he sits on the task of strengthening the NIA. Any friendly country or organization that wants to see a credible 2016 election should help provide the resources to the NIA to ensure the building of a secure data base of Ghanaians. The Electoral Commission must accept to work with the principle of continuous registration once a citizen reaches the age of 18 and carries a national identification card.

The private sector in Ghana has proven that we can execute the task of building a comprehensive database of citizens within six months. We need the will and the resources to make this happen. The Progressive People’s Party is going all out to push for this solution because it will support the cause of our national development in other areas as well – financial sector, discipline, criminal justice, etc.

It is time to stop the noise and needless threats to our peace of mind. 2016 will come and we will have the elections. The question is, will we know peace and stability after the votes are cast and counted?

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