Condoms, other contraceptive sales go up

Whiles some traders were crying over low sales, the sale of condoms and other contraceptives were highly purchased during Christmas.

Other sexual enhancement products were not left on the shelves in some pharmaceutical and drug stores in the capital.

The day which is meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus and his ransom sacrifice, others were actively engaging in sexual and immoral practices.

Some owners of drug and chemical shops in an interview with Adom News said the sale of condom and other sexual enhancement products has gone up astronomically during the yuletide.

They noted that their revenues have doubled due to the high patronage of the condoms compared to other medicines.

Some of the shop attendants explained that both men and women are slowly becoming comfortable with the use of condoms and they prefer flavoured, lubricated or dotted ones.

The women, a shop attendant said, prefer the contraceptives because they feel safe with it.

“Some of the women don’t trust the condoms, so they prefer to use the contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies,” she added.

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