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Come for your ‘arrogant and disrespectful’ MCE – Tamale Assembly members to Nana Addo

Incensed members of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly insist they can no longer contain the disrespectful and arrogant posture being exhibited by its Chief Executive, Iddrisu Musah.

The assembly members who are want him removed, are calling on the President to as a matter of urgency take action or he will be subjected to the worst form of embarrassment in the coming days.

In furtherance to a 6 point resolution demanding that an emergency meeting be convened in accordance with order 19 (3) of the standing orders of the District, Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies of Ghana for the purposes of removing the mayor, one of the assembly members on a local radio station said they have had enough of the mayor.

“He disregards and disrespects assembly members, lies and withhold information from us and when we try to caution him in some of the things he becomes hostile towards us. This is the first time I have seen an MCE behave this way towards the very persons he is supposed to cooperate with in managing the affairs of the city”, he said.

Thirty-One (31) assembly members have collated signatures with the aim of passing a vote of no confidence in the mayor they have among other things accused him of showing gross disrespect towards them and taking unilateral decisions without recourse to local government structures.

On the justification of the decisions they said:’ “awarding contracts without due process, disregarding and disrespecting assembly members, taking and acting on serious issues without prior approval of the assembly , lying to and withholding information from honourable assembly members and the good people of Tamale , mismanaging assembly resources and acting very hostile towards assembly members.

The 31 according to experts constitute a quorum to begin the impeachment process as the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly has 60 Assembly members including 18 government appointees and two MPs for Tamale South and Tamale Central. However, the two MPs are ex-officio members.

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