Collapsed church: Family escapes death

A family narrowly escaped death Sunday January 10 when portions of a five-storey building belonging to the Fruit of Christ Church in Awoshie, a suburb of Accra, collapsed onto their near-by house.

According to 45-year-old Daniel Okine, his family escaped death, as the concrete slab from the collapsed storey building landed in his bedroom while his children were watching television in the living room.

Speaking to Class News’ Ridwan Karim Dini Osman, he said: “When I entered, the concrete slab had fallen through the roof of the building and landed on the bed my children sleep in. Fortunately my wife had gone to bed leaving the children in the hall watching TV”.

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) is set to begin investigations into circumstances that led to the collapse.

However, residents blame the incidence on what they said was a shoddy construction work.

According to one resident, “no architect came around; surveyors did not come around when they were putting up the building, there was no expert around when they were putting it up.”

The residents say they are now gripped with fear, as they dread the entire building could cave in soon.

Another resident, who spoke to Class News said: “We don’t feel safe here at all, this building can collapse anytime and any hour. We want it to be demolished for us to be safe.”

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