Government impacts on the economic life of its citizenry largely depend on the purchasing power, (that is, what and how much one can afford with his or her income).
As the political tempo in the country is far rising, a whole lot have been said in the public as to which party should be voted for to form the next government and one major determinant is what a government does to better the life of its citizenzry. The group wishes to lay more emphasis on the public sector worker, particularly the teachers’ point of view
and indeed it has become very urgent and imperative for these facts to be put out there in order for discerning minds to make an informed decision on election day.

Using the payslips, critical study and comparative analysis clearly shows that teachers with their monthly income (net salaries) can now afford to buy or own appreciably much more than they could 7yrs ago on the same pay level or rank CONTRARY to what we are mischievously made to believe currently by the NPP and their media cohorts as well as others who get opportunity to share their opinions on both the print and electronic media. They engage in these diabolic acts just to incite the innocent, ignorant, less- educated, the floating and new voters against the present NDC government.

Our claims are objectively analysed illustrated by the examples below:

A new posted and yet to be promoted diploma teacher (at a rank of Snr Supt 2) was taking home ¢247 in September 2008.
Today it is ¢1087 as at January 2016.
Now check the affordability or purchasing power:

Example 1
Average cost of a bag of cement in the year 2008 was ¢12.00. Today it’s ¢30.00. This means that, the newly trained Andrew posted teacher could presumably afford to buy 20 bags of cement with all his disposable income then, but today can afford 36 bags of these same cement and over 40 bags if it’s not Ghacem brand.

Example 2
A tin of ideal milk was 90p then and ¢2.5 today, meaning this same rank could enable the teacher afford 277 tins in 2008 but 440 tins now.

Example 3
A gallon of petrol in 2008 was ¢5.3 and now ¢16.2 meaning the teacher could buy 47gallons then but 67gallons now.

There are several other examples and illustrations to this effect, spanning from food items to gadgets and basic appliances.

The reality here is that, this NDC government has come to increase salaries and add up to workers’ income power as every other government comes to do but the rate of price increase is not as escalating as we experienced under the NPP government. For example the NPP came to meet a bag of cement at ¢1.70 and left it at ¢12.00 averagely. (That is an increase of over 600%)
Again, a tin of ideal milk was 9 pesewas when they came but left it at 90 pesewas (900%).

It’s no more surprising to see in this recent times under current NDC administration, more teachers and other government workers been empowered to own properties like houses, lands, private and commercial cars, motor bikes, electric gadgets and several other properties with their ‘never satisfying’ income UNLIKE some eight years and beyond ago under the NPP administration where a newly trained and posted teacher was unable to buy a brand new 21’inch sanyo TV from Melcom with his first monthly income.

It’s also worthy to note that, the current government is more reliable and trustworthy when it comes to commitment and the courage in tackling and responding to the problems of Ghanaian workers and their agitations. No wonder, the issue of some teachers’ arrears menace is being given serious attention as government has made frantic efforts to address the problem. As we speak, the payment of the affected teachers are ongoing with the final batch to receive their money by the close of October 2016.

Judging from the above, it’s only rational and expedient that, we acknowledge, keep and urge the NDC government on, in its quest to better the lives of we the ordinary Ghanaian workers. We as a coalition therefore entreat all well meaning Ghanaians to rally behind and ensure a second term for our hardworking president, H.E JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA.
The NPP on the other hand are advised to consider these analyses, learn, avoid mischief and start thinking about government for all and not a few thereby making the plights of Ghanaian workers one of its foremost priorities.

A word to the wise…..
Thank You.




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