Coalition of New Nigeria Diaspora Movement Calls for Tinubu’s Resignation”

The Coalition of New Nigeria Diaspora Movement (CNNDM) has called for Bola Tinubu’s resignation as President of Nigeria, citing allegations of election fraud, forgery of academic credentials, and involvement in a drug cartel in the United States.

In a press statement They plan to organize a Reclaim Nigeria Diaspora Protest, mobilize support for mass protests in Nigeria, and seek international intervention, including visa bans on the judges who legitimized Tinubu’s presidency, in their efforts to remove him from office.

Below is the full statement

Coalition of New Nigeria Diaspora Movement


Action Plans on Tinubu’s Illegitimate Presidency

In our determination to save Nigeria’s democracy, deepen democratic institutions and values, protect our shared common interests and protect the integrity of our country, the leadership of 30 different Nigerian diaspora organizations concluded a meeting that began one week ago to review the sham judgement of the Supreme Court of Nigeria on October 26, 2023, and demand that Bola Tinubu must resign to save the integrity of the Nigeria’s Presidency.

It is our believe that Mr. Tinubu not only rigged the 2023 Presidential elections, but he does also not possess the academic credentials to run for the elections. Tinubu forged the Chicago State University degree certificate and as such, committed forgery for which he must be prosecuted. Tinubu is also a member of a drug cartel in the United States of America as per FBI documents recently released. He committed drug crimes.

Not only did Tinubu compromised the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, which conducted the 2023 Presidential elections, Tinubu has also compromised the Judiciary in Nigeria, which was why the Supreme Court, regardless of all the overwhelming evidence of his election fraud, forgery and his criminality, went ahead to legitimize his Presidency.

Against this backdrop, millions of Nigerians in diaspora under the aegis of Coalition of New Nigeria Diaspora Movement, CNNDM, have agreed and decided to save Nigeria and her democracy, demand immediate institutional reforms, demand the immediate resignation of Bola Tinubu so that Nigeria can begin the urgent process of cleansing herself, and rebuilding an integrity-based leadership selection process.
To this end, here is what we agreed:

• CNNDM agreed that a Reclaim Nigeria Diaspora Protest would be held around the world to expose the criminality of Bola Tinubu and demand his immediate resignation.

• CNNDM agreed to help mobilize and support any group in Nigeria to join the movement and the 30 days mass protests of reclaiming Nigeria.

• CNNDM agreed that Nigerian Americans should begin reaching out their congressmen and pressure them to push the U.S Congress to begin an inquest on the 2023 Presidential elections in Nigeria, the Chicago State University and Bola Tinubu certificate scandal and why the FBI refused to prosecute Tinubu for all his crimes.

• CNNDM agreed to raise $10million for the 30days protests and litigations that is being planned against Bola Tinubu in the U.S for his crimes.

• CNNDM demand from the EU, UK, U.S to as a matter of urgency, place visa bans on all the Justices and Judges of the Appeal and Supreme Courts who gave the sham judgements that legalized Bola Tinubu as President of Nigeria. The Visa ban should also be extended to their families.

• CNNDM agreed to mandate the Contact and Mobilization Committee to announce a date for the protests soon.

This action is aimed at reclaiming Nigeria from the hands of criminals who have taken over the country.

CNNDM believe that Bola Tinubu remains an illegitimate President of Nigeria on account of his drug crimes and certificate forgery for which he refused to declare when he sought to run for the 2023 Presidential elections.

CNNDM agreed to continue to pile pressure locally and internationally to force Bola Tinubu out of office. The group will mobilize Nigerians and protest in every country Tinubu intends to visit to show to the world that he is a certificate forger, a drug criminal and unfit to lead any nation.

Nigeria must be saved from a criminal cartel. Enough is indeed enough!


Jackson Ude
Secretary General
Coalition of New Nigeria Diaspora Movement, CNNDM

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