Circle flyover is the highest in West Africa – Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama, at the inaugural ceremony of the Kwame Nkrumah flyover last night disclosed that the facility is longest and the highest flyover in West Africa and he is confident it will decongest traffic flow which cost the country an estimated 100million dollars per annum.

Speaking at the inauguration he stated that his administration is committed to improving the transportation system in the country and is working feverishly towards that objective.

“Lack of traffic flow results in an estimated loss of about 100 million dollars per annum to our national economy,” he said.

“This is the longest flyover and the highest in West Africa…please note I said flyover, the longest bridge is in Lagos, Nigeria but the longest and highest flyover is in Accra, Ghana.”

“Time is a precious invaluable commodity and once spent, it cannot be recovered. Effective use of time, therefore, has a direct impact on our economy and must be calculated as a contribution to our GDP,” the President added.

President Mahama, stated that “With the opening of this interchange on which at peak hours is used by about 80,000 vehicles and daily it is estimated to be used by about 200,000 vehicles, reducing travelling time between the Ring Road Central and Feo Oyeo Intersection towards the North Industrial Area from two hours to just approximately five minutes, not only are we saving hundreds of millions of cedis in time wasted by the delay and the travel time, but we are also stimulating business and economic activity,” he added.

The estimated at $ 74 million project was jointly financed by the Brazilian government and the government of Ghana.

The project which stated in October, 2013, according to some experts, is the second of its kind after on it in Dubai.


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