Child beggars increase in Ghana

It is a common phenomenon to see young children on the streets as beggars or helping older people who are physically challenged to beg.

This is in spite of the laws that promote and protect the welfare of children.

Some children from slum communities in Accra and some West and Central African countries have invaded the streets of Accra-Ghana, begging for alms to feed themselves and their families.

While their peers are in school, some of these child beggars, with the tacit endorsement of their parents, can be found on some of the city’s major roads, including the ceremonial routes, streets, under bridges, under trees and in traffic, desperately trying to put food on their families’ tables.

You will find these kids around all the busy places in the capital, notably; The Accra mall, Lapaz, the ring road, Kwame Nkrumah circle, Accra central and all the other busy sites in the capital.

You will see their parents normally sitting in shades with cloths covering their heads, whilst their kids move around in the sunny traffic and walkways, risking their lives to beg for money.

They don’t mind soiling your white shirt and embarrassing you to give them money, because apparently, they’ve got to meet the targets set for them by their parents for the day, which unfortunately makes them suffer in the hands of impatient and quick-tempered passer-bys, ranging from slaps to kicks and many other inhumane treatments.

The act of begging is a clear example of exploitation.

The older ones know that people have a soft spot for children, therefore, take advantage of that and use the children for financial gain.

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