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Chiefs boycott Independence Day celebration

Ghana’s 61 Independence Day celebrations held on Saturday, March 6, 2018, was boycotted by some Chiefs in the Northern region.
The Paramount Chief of Tatali Sanguli and his sub-chiefs of Tatali boycotted the district anniversary celebrations due to a standoff with the DCE of the area, Thomas Mbomba.

The Chiefs said they have been countlessly disrespected by the DCE, who they accused of excluding them it comes to key decision making.

The Paramount Chief of Tatali Sanguli, Obori Gariba Yankoso II told Accra-based Citi FM that the actions of the DCE have brought division among some Chiefs.

This, he said, is the reason why he and his sub-chiefs decided to boycott the Independence Day celebrations.

“There is lack of cooperation between the DCE and the Chiefs, he has divided the chiefs. We are the majority of chiefs, we have Konkomba and Basali, and he has selected a few Konkomba chiefs. This DCE is the worst we have encountered, he doesn’t need consultation, he doesn’t need advice, what he does, he does it alone,” he said.

He further stated that Chiefs who graced the celebrations last year were disrespected so there was no need showing their faces this year to be subjected to same treatment.

“Last March, we went there, no chief was selected to give award to the children, so why should we go there again, when we come here, we sit and do nothing, when chiefs go there, you have to give them respect, but the DCE doesn’t respect any chief in the town apart from his chiefs.He must be transferred and I plead with government to do something,” Obori Gariba Yankoso II added.

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