Chief wants Ajet Nassam ruling on Abokobi lands reviewed

Chief of Abokobi at Ga-East, Nii Samuel Adjetey Mohenu, is calling on the Chief Justice to take a second look at a ruling by sacked High Court Judge John Ajet Nassam over land ownership between Abokobi and Brekusu.

In August 2014, Justice Ajet-Nassam ruled in favour of Nana Oteng Korankye, chief of Brekusu and Comet Properties as plaintiffs in a suit against the Presbyterian Church of Ghana in respect of a 3,984 acres of land arguably belonging to Abokobi.

The Abokobi chief said at a press conference that the parcel of land in question was acquired in 1970 by the Basel Missionaries (the Presbyterian Church) but Justice Ajet-Nassam gave it to Brekusu.
According to him, the chief of Brekusu is selling the lands even though the matter is at the Appeals Court.
Nii Samuel Mohenu said since it emerged that Justice Ajet-Nassam was caught on camera as one of the corrupt judges who took bribes and subverted justice, they now believe he was compromised in the case between Abokobi and Berekusu.

“We have documents to show that the lands in question belong to Abokobi and everybody knows Abokobi belongs to the Presbyterian Church,” he said.

The chief is also calling on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) John Kudalor to set up a taskforce to stop land guards and encroachers from destroying a mango plantation on the land belonging to Abokobi farmers.

The residents of Abokobi say they are living in fear as land guards terrorize them daily.

They also fear they might be ejected from their land soon if the matter is not resolved quickly.

The residents want President John Maham, Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood and the IGP to intervene immediately.

The President of Ga-Adamge Concern Youth Group, Nii Ayaafio Tetteh I, said Justice Ajet-Nassam is a “disgrace to humanity and that was why the president sacked him”.

He said anyone who has been in the court to Justice Ajet-Nassam and lost knows by now that he/she or they did not get justice.

“That was why we went to Appeals even before the Anas’ expose on Ajet-Nassam so we trust that the Appeals Court Judge handling the case will deliver justice,” he said.

Until then, Nii Ayaafio Tetteh is calling on the youth of Abokobi and Berekusu to remain calm and let peace prevail in the area, and not allow the ruling of a corrupt judge destroy their brotherhood.

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