Charlotte Osei promises ‘world-class’ elections on December 7

Chair of the Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei has promised to deliver a “world-class” election on Wednesday, December 7.

She says the reforms being implemented by the Commission will see the country hold one of the best elections yet.

Mrs Osei, however, asked for the support of all especially the media in this quest. She made this known over the weekend when she addressed the 21st Ghana Journalists Award as the Guest Speaker.

The Award was held on the theme: ‘Media for Undisputed and Peaceful 2016 Elections: the Support of Civil Society’.

The 2nd Chair of the Commission in the Fourth Republic was critical of the role the media plays in elections, stressing how more important that role has become after the landmark election petition that followed the 2012 disputed elections.

“Our media has now moved from just reporting election results to actually setting the agenda and carrying a large part of the responsibility of ensuring free, fair and transparent elections in our country.”

She said the airwaves have, unfortunately, been left to be dictated by political powers and even serial callers at the expense of the vulnerable.

“A free and independent media exists to serve the people and not the powerful. Our journalists should create news and not necessarily be the news. They should inform us, entertain us, educate us, force political elite to focus on solving our many national problems; help shape the national agenda and improve our deteriorating political culture.”

She said the record of the Commission in holding six successful elections makes it the envy of most nations on the continent.

She said only one parliamentary result has been overturned in the previous elections, getting the Commission close to 100 per cent.

“With the collective efforts of political parties and civil society, we have created an electoral process that protects fully the vote of the voter and makes it impossible for the Electoral Commission or the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission to subvert the will of the people.”

She asked the media and civil society in general to help in delivering top-notch this time around.

“The Electoral Commission of Ghana is poised to deliver world-class election on December 7, 2016. But we cannot do it alone. We need a professional and responsible media. We need an informed civil society.”

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