Charlotte Osei is the prettiest EC boss in the world

Don’t be fooled, Charlotte Osei of the electoral commission is graced with the magic of beauty!

Being the first female electoral commissioner ever in the political history of Ghana, Charlotte Osei is not just wowing us with her exceptional knowledge on electoral issues but also is she stunning us with her God-given beauty!

Called to man the affairs of the EC at the tender age of 46, Charlotte Osei always gets along with the media and cameras – if not for policy briefs, then her amazing looks.

But did you know that She officially became a lawyer at the tender age of 25 after obtaining her law degree in 1992 and was called to the bar in 1994, did you know that Charlotte Osei, according to her CV , has held eleven jobs in the span of 10 years?

This is a woman not just blessed with intelligence but also beauty personified!

Credit -yen

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