Charlotte Osei Has Made Me More Popular – Dr.Lartey

Disqualified presidential nominee of the Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP) Dr.Henry Herbert Lartey has stated that the disqualification by the Electoral Commission (EC) has made the affected political parties more popular.

Dr. Lartey who described the disqualification a ‘mistake’, believes it has inured to their benefit as a party because they are now the talk of town.

Dr. Lartey and twelve others were disqualified on Monday for failing to meet the needed requirements by the Electoral Commission of Ghana.

Some of the political parties are threatening to drag the EC to court if it refuses to rectify the situation.

But speaking on Abusua FM’s Abusua Nkommo hosted by Kwame Adinkrah, he said the ‘mistake’ committed by the EC has projected him and his colleagues.

He refuted claims that his nomination form was 100% freight with errors.

A disappointed Dr Lartey questioned why the EC refused to draw their attention to rectify the anomaly identified but rather chose to allow other candidates in the larger parties to rectify their mistakes.

He further questioned why the EC did not do same for the smaller parties.

‘The mistake the EC committed has made us more popular, it wasn’t disqualification, it was a mistake they did, … it is not true that there were errors on my forms. My vice presidential candidate appended his signature, but the EC said he didn’t provide his personal details, it was just a small portion that he had to sign that’s all… The EC said page 18 did not have signatures, which is false, and then pages 14 and 17 had no dates that are true, we didn’t provide dates.

The law allows you to amend it, but they refused to call us to amend the anomaly. They should have called us to correct the mistakes, this wouldn’t even have been more than two seconds to rectify it,’ he fumed.


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