CEO And Deputy Blow $ 132,000 On Ilegal Rent Payment

The antennas of the Ghana Palaver have picked up yet another case of corruption, misappropriation of funds and reckless expenditure in the Akufo Addo administration. Incontrovertible proof available to the Ghana Palaver, in the shape of authentic memos, bank statements among others show, that the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority(GEPA), Gifty Klenam, and her Deputy, Eric Amoako Twum are superintending massive misappropriation and mismanagement of funds belonging to the Authority.

The documents reveal that the CEO of the state export promoter, caused herself and her Deputy to be paid a whopping $ 132,000 or GHS 580,800 for rent covering a two year period, in total violation of public service rules.
By a letter dated 23rd May,2017 and jointly signed by them, the CEO and her Deputy, instructed the Manager of the First Atlantic Bank to cause to be transferred, “the cedi equivalent of $ 132,000 from account number 0360571101014 and credit same to account number 0360571101025”
The letter noted that “Mr. Eric Twum Amoako will receive the money on behalf of the Authority”
A careful study of the bank statement of the authority with the First Atlantic Bank, a copy of which is in the possession of the Ghana Palaver, shows that the amount was withdrawn in two tranches with $ 100,000 being withdrawn on 23rd May,2017 and $ 32,000 withdrawn on 26th May,2017.
Sources close to the Authority have old the Ghana Palaver that Gifty Klenam for her part, took $ 72,000 as rent allowance at $ 3,000 a month for 24 months while Eric Twum Amoako collected $ 60,000 at $ 2,500 a month for 24 months.
The rent payments breach Public Services commission rules that peg rent allowance at 20% of basic salary per month for public servants including Ministers of State and other Article 71 office holders in lieu of state accommodation.
The documents in the firm possession of the Ghana Palaver also reveal that the CEO paid herself a hefty, GHS 93,300 for clothing allowance. Additionally the CEO has been cited for paying $ 19,500 for a training programme at Harvard University in the United States of America with no tangible outcome.
In another development, sources close to the GEPA have hinted the Ghana Palaver that Ms. Klenam and Mr. Twum Amoako have travelled a staggering 57 times at great cost to the Authority with no concrete benefits, much to the bewilderment of staff at the Authority.
Ms. Klenam also stands accused of authorizing the payment 119,870 as allowances for June,2017.
The embattled CEO has also been accused of purchasing two new Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles and two new saloon cars for herself and her Deputy and a new Nissan Teana car for her Assistant.
The ostentatious expenditures have incurred the wrath of employees of GEPA who also lament the sidelining of Directors and other high ranking staff.

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