Reading through CDDs protest statement I got the impression that the group has adopted the old and ordinary stance we take when such sensitive issues come on board usually,based usually on politically inspired motives and mere suspicions.

Our noble Parliamentarians are genuinely demanding for security protection in the form of detailed police presence.This demand appears logical because of the recent dastardly act meted out to Hon.J.B Danquah.The fact noteworthy is that,mobile communication and used of other sophisticated gadgets in communicating, is the biggest threat to our security in this time and age.Crime is discussed,planned and executed, criminals communicate among themselves using such medium. If the planned crime involves personal security operatives in their houses,the criminals will communicate with the security person at post as they move in to execute their plan.The CDD officials must also consider these facts as they energize themselves to fight down this important bill.

Personally I think the MPs should rather demand 24 hour surveillance on persons around them through this monitoring system.This will ensure perfect security for the legislators, and expose any clandestine moves to harm or attack them.It sounds convenient playing the political key and those agitating against the bill based on genuine fear should not be condemned aggressively rather, let’s dispassionately look into the matter, discuss it using fair and apolitical lenses to arrive on a fairly balanced platform.

In 1975,an issue came up for security reasons will not go deeper into it but that was when news of the oil deposit in Ghana was taken serious by certain powerful western nations.A very sensitive declassied information got to the desk of the Head of State then.As part of measures to curb execution of the plot,the regime introduced the Post and Telecommunications decree.The sensitiveness of the issue forced the regime decreed that any person who sends or causes to be sent,tenders or delivers in order to be sent,or convey,or performs any service incidental to conveying, otherwise than by post,any postal article within the exclusive privilege of the corporation, shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding 500 cedis.

I suggest we reconsider our partisan stance on this sensitive issue.The NDC will not be in power forever so wherein lieth this unbridled stance against such an important bill.Some of our youngmen who hitherto swindled the white folks in the name of “sakawa” are now having serious challenges burying their victims hence have channeled their intelligence and knowledge into internal dynamics using very sophisticated technology. Most of these young guys unable to make bad monies to used to enjoy,have resorted to use of guns to rob and other sophisticated crimes. All such activities are designed, planned and introduced via the communication lines.

Uganda had to block its lines to render use of Facebook and other social media outlets impossible on its election day.This must tell us the dangers we likely to fall into if we recklessly relegate to the background this dangerous trend.

What do you think?

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