Catholic Church stops receiving offerings until economy picks up

the Roman Catholic Church has shown sympathy to Malawians who are suffering due to the economic problems affecting the country.

The Karonga Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church has told members to stop giving offerings, tithes, paper Sunday offerings and other major collections until the economy picks up.

Bishop Martin Mtumbuka made the announcement on Saturday at St Mary’s Parish in the district where the church launched the diocese’s strategic plan for the coming five years

“We are very saddened by the situation and we really hope that the solution will be found, said Mtumbuka.”

“As a church we are very disappointed and concerned with the way people are suffering.”

According to Mtumbuka, the church wants members to use the money they have for buying food.

He added that the Catholic Church will continue promoting issues of food security, education, health, justice and peace among Malawians

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