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Catherine Ofeibea thanks John Mahama for his decision to contest election 2020


From: Catherine Ofeibea

Mr John Dramani Mahama

It is with the outtermost humility and patriotic disposition that I am compelled to write this open letter to you on this auspicious occasion of celebrating your decision to contest for the NDC presidential candidate slot, to express my profound gratitude.

Your Excellency, it was with great pleasure that I received the news of your possible return in 2020 which many including my own husband Kojo will say was long overdue given the political, social and economic relevance of that decision to the suffering citizens. I want to unequivocally render an unreserved appreciation to you. Indeed Your Excellency, you have shown true leadership cum statesmanship, not just expressed, but conspicuously put into action and giving your admirers including myself, firsthand experience of what a true leader is and should be.

Sir, I made a passionate request to you not to disappoint the millions of Ghanaians appealing to you to stand on the ticket of the NDC come 2020. I apologized profusely to you for the harsh words I used in my earlier letter and stated why the shift from my earlier position. I mentioned few reasons why I deemed my earlier appeal to you not to contest as unworthy, and baseless. Twenty-four (24) hours after sending my second letter, you made that heartwarming declaration assuring Ghanaians of your return. I know it wasn’t my letter that did the trick but the fasting and prayers by the sufferers, constant prayers by our pastors and Imams, prayers by our the market women, taxi and other commercial drivers, the hair dressers, the nurses and other persons who felt that as soon as your opponent came to power, they would feel some relief but are swimming in disappointments. I received hundreds of messages from some Ghanaians across the globe seeking for clarification on my sudden shift and why I have started crusading your come back. I told them – as long as I live, I will not stop speaking the truth. Many have joined your comeback crusade and you soon going to seeing pictures and articles by some of them in some popular magazines. However, I made it abundantly clear to the few critics that I am a bona fide Ghanaian. I am an Actress cum a businesswoman, I am popularly known as AfiCee (dealer in clothing). Nobody will describe me as a stranger in Ghana. I am not a politician but simply, a businesswoman who knows what is good for Ghana. My profession and business have exposed me to some top politicians in Africa and beyond so have fairly adequate knowledge about politics. As a pious Christian, I must always speak the truth, no matter whose ox is gored. As long as it is the truth, I must stand by it and that is what I am doing with regard to your second coming.

His Excellency, I am worried by the situation facing Ghanaians and that is why I made that passionate appeal to you. I appealed to you in my first letter to you and your office not to contest or engage in activities that could obstruct the new government’s policies because I felt the new administration deserved comfortable space to operate. I saw your second coming as going to put undue pressure on the new government. What I am emphasizing is that the new government is almost one and half years old and it has about six months more to attain two years in office. My argument, and why I am leading the crusade fur your return is, after two years in office, political campaign will be flagged off. The current administration therefore has barely six months to achieve something in order to take Ghana to another level. I am worried by the situation and that is why I have to tell the truth to enable all Ghanaians take the right decision next time when they get the opportunity to decide who controls their destinies. In essence, every politically elected government has two years to perform. I am not in Ghana, have been living outside the jurisdiction since 2009, but through the power of technology, I saw what you did your first two years. After the first and second years in office, the third and fourth are used by politicians to seek and clamour for juicy positions. At that point the politicians will hardly concentrate on governance. Based on the few points mentioned, myself and other discerning persons living outside Ghana, have resolved to support your come back to continue from where you ended.

Sir, I want to at this juncture reiterate my support for you now and always,pledging my total loyalty and support to collectively liberate our people from the shackles tormenting them, God willing. I will continually pray for God’s wisdom upon you as you prepare to pilot the affairs of your great party and subsequently, the nation Ghana towards bringing into reality the Ghana of my dreams. May God bless you and May God bless your family and our great nation

Thank You


Catherine Ofeibea

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