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You can’t threaten us – John Boadu to unemployed NPP supporters

Acting General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party has called the bluff of angry supporters of the party and members of the invisible forces who are demanding jobs.

While he sympathises with the situation and pledges the commitment of the government to creating jobs for the youth, John Boadu was quick to add that government will not be threatened.

He said the police will deal with law breakers.

An army of angry party supporters in Tema besieged the venue of a town hall meeting Tuesday to vent their spleen against party leaders.

According to them, six months after fighting to bring the NPP to power, they have still not been given any jobs.

They say several attempts to reach key party supporters to put their grievances to them have proven futile.

They have threatened a massive demonstration against the government.
“They should wait for us 2020 and we are yet to do massive demonstration to stop everything in Tema” one of the supporters threatened.

But in a reaction the Acting General Secretary John Boadu said while the supporters have a right to protest against the unemployment they must do so within the ambit of the law.

“It is not surprising that the youth who have contributed their quota towards the NPP victory and who still don’t have jobs will be asking questions. I think it is something we must embrace and work towards creating enough space for our party’s youth and the youth of our country.

It is the mode and aggression that we will disagree with. The unemployment situation is widespread that if something is not done will haunt us all.

He said it up to government to create more jobs to employ the youth but warned government will be ruthless on the lawless few who take the law into their own hands.

“I have raised concerns about the mode. It is not proper. You can’t threaten anybody. The security persons are well aware. They are awake. Just as we death with such deviant behavior, we will deal with anyone who feels he can take the law into their own hands,” he warned.


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