Burkina Faso coup: Compaore’s ally named new leader

A close ally of former Burkinabe President, Blaise Compaore has been named the country’s new leader after a military coup.

The military on Thursday morning dissolved the nation’s cabinet and announced on national television that it now controls the country.

The coup comes just weeks before national elections.

A statement issued by the coup leaders said the country would be led by Gen Gilbert Diendere who served as Chief of Staff under President Compaore.

The statement came a day after members of the elite presidential guard unit of the military arrested the transitional president and prime minister.A Ghanaian resident in Ouagadougou, who spoke to Citi News said people have been told to stay indoors.

“It looks calm but you can still hear gunshots. I don’t think there will be a lot of people on the streets now because we were told to stay indoors. Where I am now is far from the place but you can still hear gunshots. It is quite scary.”

According to him there are reports that other forces “are also mobilizing to come against them.”

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