Bugri Naabu to resign as NPP Regional Chairman

Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Bugri Naabu has threatened to abdicate his position if the president fails to sack the Northern Regional Minister Salifu Saeed.

Mr Naabu is accusing the minister and his deputy of sabotaging the confirmation of some MMDCEs appointees in the region and therefore described the minister in particular as unfit to continue holding onto his position.

He also revealed that three letters seeking to have the Minister dismissed have been forwarded to the presidency with no response issuing an ultimatum within which his concerns must met or be forced to resign as Chairman.

The latest outburst of Mr Daniel Bugri Naabu follows the failure of assembly members in the Bunkprugu -Yunyoo district for the second time to confirm his nephew J. K Alhassan.

Assembly members have argued that the nominee is a major security threat to the area insisting that should he be confirmed it could escalate the already volatile situation in the area.

But a livid Bugri Naabu said the deputy minister, also the Member of Parliament, is double-crossing him because he believes his nephew; J. K Alhassan was a threat to his political profession.

“The youth are chasing the minister right now; that they don’t even know the minister’s whereabouts, as a regional minister the whole region doesn’t know where you are then how do you manage the place,” chairman ‘bulldozer’ asked.

“The Regional Minister and his deputy are making my work difficult, very very difficult. I have reported it to the President; not one letter, more than about three letters. The regional minister and his deputy, they are destroying all NPP good job, all the wining we won, if we don’t take time, coming next time we may lose most of the places we won. I have told the president if he doesn’t take action, I’m coming back to Accra after my work today. I’m not going to be doing a good job while some people are destroying it, and I have told the president to let him go and I don’t want to mince words.

“I told the president that these people the way they are in the region, they are destroying the region. For me if that is the case, I will come and with him in Accra, he will take action immediately”.


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