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BOST oil saga: BNI report a farcical cover up by government – Ofosu Kwakye

Former Deputy Information Minister under the John Dramani Mahama led administration, Felix Ofosu Kwakye has described the supposed investigation carried out by the Bureau of National Investigation and the National Security as a farcical cover up attempted by the government.

The Managing Director for the Bulk Oil Storage and Transport Company, Mr Afred Obeng Boateng was involved in a scandal for the sale of 5 million litres of contaminated fuel to companies which were not licensed to be involved in such dealings.

An eight-member committee was set up by the Energy Ministry to investigate into the matter and propose to the Ministry steps to take in order to avert such occurrences in the future.

But an investigation into the BOST oil saga by the National Security and the BNI has cleared the Managing Director of the BOST of any wrong doing in the sale of 5 million litres of off spec oil to Movenpinaa and Zup oil which are not registered to undertake such transactions.

However, in a post on his Facebook page, the former Minister could not fathom why the government after setting up an eight-member committee could not wait until their report is ready before any action is taken but rather depend on only the BNI report.

“A most farcical cover up has been attempted by this government in the BOST contaminated fuel corruption scandal. After setting up a committee to look into the matter the Minister of Energy has held a press conference to claim that a supposed BNI investigation has “cleared” the BOST MD of any wrongdoing”.

According to him, the NPA which is the regulatory body in the oil industry had indicted the Managing Director for wrongdoing and therefore was at sea as to what could have vindicated the Managing Director.

“Never mind that the NPA which is the industry regulator was unambiguous when it indicted the man for doing business with companies(Movenpinaa and Zup Oil) on the basis of express provisions in their governing law, because they were not licensed to carry out such activity.”

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