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Boniface must not repeat the mistakes of Sorogho

His visibility might have won him the Madina seat, a trait and quality Amadu Sorogho, did not have, but Boniface Abubakar, was not elected to grace occasions and give speeches, rather to fix problems that keep staring the faces of inhabitants of Madina.

It is no doubt that, the 2016 general elections, gave the electorates the supposedly maximum power to determine who would get their mandates and the only yardstick to measure one’s success and possible chance of re-contesting and getting re-elected in the future, could only be their unwavering performances and how they pair with their people during the four years.

To be a Member of Parliament (MP) in Madina, is a position, you can hold on to, until you decide out of complacency to hand over, because you virtually do not have much to do.

It is said that, to whom much is given, much is expected. Alhaji Abubakar Boniface, has won the heart and mind of the people of Madina, it is the reason why they voted for him in their numbers to unequivocally retire Amadu Sorogho.

The people of Madina, who rightly determine the fate and the next possible bus stop for both performing and non-performing leaders by basically exercising and applying their prerogative power to vote them in or out of power, are now busy taking a thorough stock of the performance of Alhaji Boniface Abubakar, albeit too early.

Since Madina was carved out in 2004, the Constituency had only known one MP, who felt he had become Madina and Madina, had become him; it explains why he turned deaf ear and blind eye to the problems confronting the Constituency.

The Constituency has not seen any meaningful development, under Amadu Sorogho, who enjoyed a lot of goodwill, during his abysmal time as MP.

Pot holes in the township, greets motorist who ply the road. A little downpour and the Lorry Park, gets muddy, hindering movement of human and vehicles.

Boniface Abubakar, must know that, although he is a minister, his first responsibility is to the people of Madina.  

There is a saying that, equity can only be delivered with clean hands and Madina Constituency, seems to have found one in Boniface, but the question we ask is,  is he willing to do the needful in tackling the worsening road situation in the Constituency.

For instance, the road in front of Melcom and the one around the tax rank leading to the market are in dire need of intervention.

A word to the wise, they say is enough.

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