Bole Mosque A Neglected Ancient Mosque Collapses After Heavy Rainfall

24th September 2023

Ghana has lost one of its significant cultural and historic landmarks one as of the ancient mud mosques in the Savannah Region has succumbed to the harsh weather conditions after years of neglect.

The structure, which has weathered centuries of history was brought down after it was left at the mercy of the weather and termites.

The mud mosque in Bole stood as a testament to the rich embroidery of Ghana’s cultural and historical heritage.

The Bole Mud Mosque had a unique architectural design just like the famous Larabanga Mosques in Tamale. However, despite its undeniable significance, the mosque had been gradually deteriorating, plagued by neglect and the relentless forces of nature.

The mud mosque had wooden poles that were found around the building not only for protection but also function as a sort of structural support to the building.

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