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Blows over Kojo Bonsu $4.4m Park

Controversy surrounding the exact amount which was used in constructing the Rattray Park in Kumasi, the Ashanti Regional capital, seems far from over.

Kofi Senya, assemblyman for Suame and Francis Dodovi, an ex-government appointee to the KMA, have traded verbal assaults on air over the dicey issue.

The two personalities were called on phone by Nhyira FM Tuesday morning over the precise money used in constructing the facility.

But both of them surprisingly, lost their tempers as they openly hurled unprintable insults at each other, to the surprise of listeners of the programme.

At a point, the insults were getting out of control and so the host of the programme was compelled to cut the two personalities off.

Kofi Senya’s Argument

Kofi Senya, an ex-Presiding Member (PM) of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA), vowed to ensure that Kojo Bonsu, ex-Kumasi mayor under whose administration the park was constructed, was sent to jail.

He alleged that Kojo Bonsu had been giving inconsistent figures, regarding the project cost.

Mr Kofi Senya said Kojo Bonsu at a point, said a total amount of GH¢2.7 million was used to construct the facility, saying, “I have a proof and witnesses for this.”

He noted, “This same Kojo Bonsu later on, changed the figure of the total cost of the facility from GH¢2.7 million to a staggering $4.4 million.”

Mr Senya said he sensed something fishy with regards to the amount used in constructing the facility, calling for a forensic audit to determine the total cost.

He alleged that Kojo Bonsu took advantage when the assembly was dissolved in 2015, and milked the coffers of the assembly, stressing, “He must go to jail.”

According to him, strangely, about ten contractors recently stormed the KMA, claiming that the assembly owed them over the Rattray Park construction.

Mr Kofi Senya said some assemblymen in Kumasi, including himself, reported Kojo Bonsu’s action to EOCO then, but the case was pushed under the carpet.

He stated that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government believes in the rule of law so “we shall revisit the financial malfeasances of Kojo Bonsu at the KMA again.”

He alleged that Kojo Bonsu indulged in several criminalities, whilst in office as the KMA boss, “and we are prepared to expose all his rot now.”

Dodovi Dares Senya

Dodovi, a top National Democratic Congress (NDC) member in Kumasi, dared Mr Senya to take Kojo Bonsu to the appropriate quarters for the law to deal with him if he (Bonsu) had indeed erred.

He lambasted him (Senya) for concocting falsehood just to tarnish Kojo Bonsu’s hard won image, stressing that “all his wild allegations are false so ignore them.”

According to Dodovi, who seemed very angry and even panting for breadth as he spoke, Kojo Bonsu did not steal any KMA money as alleged by Kofi Senya.

Dodovi also denied Kofi Senya’s claim that Kojo Bonsu once stated that the Rattray Park cost the assembly a whopping US$4.4 million.

Kojo Bonsu’s Voice Played

At this point, Kofi Senya told the host of the programme to play a recorded voice said to be that of Kojo Bonsu on air, where he (Bonsu) stated that US$4.4 million was used for the construction.

Excerpts of the voice were played and he indeed stated that “US$4.4 million was the total construction figure for the Rattray Park.”


Minutes after Kojo Bonsu’s voice was played, Dodovi and Kofi Senya started to hurl insults at each other so the host was forced to end the interview.

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