Blakk Rasta Accuses Nana Bediako of Being ‘Fake’ and Challenges His Pan-African Agenda

Blakk Rasta has characterized Nana Bediako, also known as Cheddar, as fake, particularly criticizing his purported Pan-African liberation agenda on the 3FM mid-morning show.

During the show, monitored by, Blakk Rasta expressed skepticism about Cheddar’s claims of being a Pan-Africanist and working towards liberating Africa, labeling them as outright falsehoods.

He further accused Cheddar of harboring ill motives behind his presidential ambition, alleging that Cheddar initially concealed this ambition from Ghanaians to prevent scrutiny.

Blakk Rasta emphasized his belief that Cheddar’s Pan-African agenda was a façade to indirectly garner support for his political campaign.

He questioned whether the Pan-Africanists invited to Ghana were aware that their participation was tied to a political agenda.

Quoting Blakk Rasta, “The Pan-Africanists he invited to Ghana, are they aware that they were coming to support a political campaign?” Additionally, he highlighted an interview where Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao, a Pan-Africanist invited by Cheddar, claimed she was unaware of his political ambitions and was misled about his billionaire status.

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