The Bible doesn’t condemn prostitution – Pastor Counselor Lutterodt

There was some heated argument yesterday on Okay Fm when the audacious counselor Lutterodt asserted that, virgins are burdens and that most men don’t want to end up with virgins. I didn’t get to listen to the full argument on radio but found some bits of what transpired in the studio on the host, Abeiku Santana’s show

In one of the videos Abeiku Santana posted on his Instagram page, Counselor Lutterodt is heard arguing that virgins are burdens and that 8 out of 10 men would tell you that they don’t want virgins. He posited that virgins are burdens.

Then again in another video, he’s heard arguing that the Bible doesn’t condemn prostitution. I cannot give the full details but would try and get the full tape. In the meantime, you can watch the two videos below and share your thoughts on it with us.

1.The Bible doesn’t condemn prostitution

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